Clyde Crashcup, his kazoos and Lombardi too

My Dad and his good friend and teammate Henry Jordan shared more than just a spot on an historic defensive line. They also shared a love of family and ice cream. A defining moment of those twin loves happened on a Green Bay street more than 40 years ago. The two men walked with their [...]

Champions and friends

Champions and friends

"We cannot walk alone. And as we walk, we must make the pledge that we shall always march ahead." MartinLuther King 1963 The year Martin Luther King made his "I have a Dream Speech" marked the first season Lionel Aldridge, Henry Jordan, Ron Kostelnik and Willie Davis anchored the defensive line for the Green Bay [...]

Here’s a Packer hero you may not know

It's game day in Titletown and I'll be one of the 70,000 pumped up Packer fans streaming into Lambeau Field tonight. Whether you're joining me, or watching the game on TV tonight, I'm asking you to pay special attention to one of the names displayed on the inside rim of the stadium. Henry Jordan was [...]