Daylight Savings Rhyme

I heard we gained an hour

but I can’t find mine.

Did I lose it in the shower?

Or that rabbit hole online?

Is it hiding in the corner

of a place already rife

with the remnants of the upsets

in my wild and crazy life?

I’ve checked behind the curtains,

I’ve searched under the bed

and I wonder if my hour

found another house instead.

Did it slip away so quickly

that it left me unaware?

Did it vanish when it noticed

all that chaos waiting there?

I know there are some hours

full of respite and recline.

I don’t begrudge them anything

I’m just really missing mine.

I’m not sure where my hour went, but I’d really like it back.

6 thoughts on “Daylight Savings Rhyme

  1. I think I’m missing multiple hours!! I can’t go to sleep until an hour after what should be bedtime and I wake up tow hours before my alarm!! Our pups are going crazy and think we’re depriving them of eating. I just wish they’d leave it one way. Personally, since I’m a night person, I prefer daylight saving time.

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