A bloomin’ beautiful birthday

Our neighbor turned 13 in the most elegant way, thanks to a lot of hard work and a cool new business called Mobile Mini Trucks.

She and her family got to work setting up their already impressive yard. They placed a beautiful table set with china, candles and flowers under a large white tent and the whole effect looked like a Hamptons garden party at the height of the summer season.

Guests all arrived formally dressed and excited. Then, the mobile flower bar showed up, owners Sami Schmidt and Kirsten Vermeulen hopped out and the magic began.

They helped each guest pick out a selection of fresh flowers and then wove them into a crown. An affiliated company, From the Ash Tree, photographed the party and took portraits of each guest.

How great would it be if everyone could glide into their teenage years wearing a crown and surrounded by fresh flowers and fun loving friends?!

Happy 13th birthday to Samantha, who was just a little peanut about a minute ago. Your party looked lovely and so do you and all your friends.

Check out these pictures, which I’m printing with permission from photographer Ashley Gauthier.

I know what you’re thinking right now and, yes! You should have a flower crown party too! And you should invite me.

Actually, I can think of a lot of occasions that would benefit from a mobile flower bar so check out the links in this story for more details on this cool new business.

Here’s the birthday girl, who was just a little sprite a second ago. Happy birthday Sami!
I’m just going to let the rest of these pictures speak for themselves. It was a beautiful party.

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