Eight happy scenes

Sometimes a view catches my eye and I can’t believe how lucky I am to live in a world of such beauty, hilarity, sweetness and light.

I hope the eight happy scenes I’m sharing today make you smile too.

I happened upon all of them in the course of my ordinary days — heard a giggle, for instance, and looked up to find I had made a sneaky super hero into the bed; held my breath on an evening walk and came nose to nose with an unimpressed deer; opened a text to find a picture so cute I exclaimed aloud in a grocery store checkout; paused mid-workout to appreciate my view and the fact that I had time to exercise in the middle of a busy afternoon.

These are all things that swelled my heart with gratitude for the people in my life and the seasons we enjoy together even when we live apart.

See that little fist peeking out of the covers? Apparently I made its sneaky little owner into the bed. I laughed all morning about that. He’s holding a tape measure that kept him amused for days.
Someone surprised me with this chocolate chai at work one morning. Made my day!
Come on! How cute is that face?! This is Mae helping our daughter Katherine bake cookies. She’s a real life-lover, just like her mama Leah.
And speaking of life-lovers…Please enjoy this first-day-of-daycare-jumping off the porch picture of our granddaughter Margo with her dad Charlie…
…a picture so nice they took it twice. Here she is with her mama Tara.
And speaking of things dear to me, check out how close I got to this fine specimen on a walk through Telulah Park Sunday evening.
This is the view from my mat when I work out at home. I just love that old tree. My virtual trainer Sydney tried to kill me yesterday but I took comfort from the view and survived with just a couple of sore muscles.
We enjoyed lunch at a mermaid crossing Sunday afternoon and I am grateful, deeply grateful, for every meal I get to eat outside.
And this view always makes me happy. Sometimes it stresses me out, but I’m always glad to see Lambeau.

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