Margo’s grand tour

Our first grandchild rolled into town this week for a visit we’ve been planning with mounting anticipation since the day she was born. And, even with all that advanced hoopla, she has outshined her reviews.

You might expect a little diva behavior from someone who has had three songs rewritten in her honor and whose current Midwestern tour has generated coast-to-coast buzz.

But that’s not the way our Margo rolls.

She happily and serenely acknowledged a 1964 Beatles level adoration from the fans assembled along the route from her New Jersey home to our Up North Wisconsin cabin. At five-months old, her appearance rider lists very few requirements — her mom, her dad and her sleeping suit.

With those and a handful of naps a day, she has been wowing us all.


We could not be more grateful for this time we get to share with our first granddaughter, her parents, all her uncles, aunts, second cousins and the great-grandma who wrote her a song.

Because we’re in the middle of the Margo Tour and I’d like to enjoy as much of her as I can while she’s here, I’ll let the photos and the videos tell the story.

Welcome to your Wisconsin family, Baby Margo. We’re sure glad you’re here.

This was my morning view yesterday. Rise and shine!
Margo has seen more Kubb games than any five-month old in the country, I’ll wager. And she’s still a generous cheerleader.
She went nose-to-nose with her Uncle Vinnie.
And she loves her Aunt Danni!
And her first cousins once removed Erin and Hannah!
And her Great Aunt Kathy!
And her Great Aunt Jenny (and Erin)
And her Aunt Molly!
And her Great Aunt Donna!
And her Great Aunt Carol!
And her Great Uncle Steve! (He cracked her up).
And her Great Aunt Cary!
And her first cousin once removed Olivia.
And her Great Aunt Robin!
And her Aunt Katherine and Uncle Ed!
And her Great Grandma Peggy! (Here’s our four generation picture).
And speaking of Great Grandma Peggy, here’s a little snippet of the song she wrote for Baby Margo.
And here’s another song re-written in her honor.

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