Here’s to the dads

Here’s to the dads who carry the weight of the world and the tired five-year olds on their shoulders.

Who tell never-ending bedtime stories.

Who white-knuckle the U-Hauls.

Who race to the ice-cream trucks.

Who sing 27 verses of “Down by the Bay”.

Who grill the brats and, sometimes, the child.

Who wear the silly T-shirts and the khaki cargo shorts.

Who host the tailgates.

Who cradle the grandchild.

Who flip the pancakes.

Who haul the chairs.

Who welcome the guests.

Who play the showtunes and run the plays.

Who make good time and good times better.

Who swing the bats and push the swings.

Who listen.

Who honor the vows.

Who broker the screen time.

Who crack the jokes and scramble the yolks.

Who find the glasses and the car keys and the time.

Who raise the point, the glass, the children and the bar.

Happy Father’s Day Weekend!

We’re grateful for you all.

Here’s to the dads who wear the cape.
Who dance the jigs.
Who cradle the grandchild.
Who wear the silly T-shirts and the cargo shorts.
Who cheer the team.
Who (almost never) take the selfies.
Who relish the titles.
Who face the cameras and make the goofy faces.
Who guide the raft.

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