Lucky ducks

We are, we agreed last night as we sat munching grilled burgers in the shadow of a park that had hosted us all weekend, lucky ducks.

In one weekend we experienced nearly all of the summer activities we’d been dreaming about since last fall.

We swam every day in the public pool across the street and used so much sunblock our whole house smells like Coppertone and chlorine.

We picked rhubarb from our neighbor Linda’s yard and whipped up some tasty rhubarb muffins.

We went to the Farmer’s Market and came home with cool balloon animals and snow cone mustaches.

We saw Brewer shortstop Willy Adames hit a double and a home run during his rehab stint with the Timber Rattlers.

We played in the park with our neighborhood friends.

We ate popsicles on our front porch.

We celebrated the 94th birthday of a woman so amazing she deserves her own post (so you can read about that on Wednesday).

And we gloried in all that sunshine and good cheer beaming into our windows each day.

Is this heaven, you may wonder?

No, it’s summer in Wisconsin.

Quack! Quack!

You know you’re a lucky duck when you can pop over to your neighbors yard and pick rhubarb in your jammies.
Then we went to the Farmer’s Market. We’re so happy to welcome it back.
We loved all the color and the snow cones, balloon animals and the bouncy house.
A five-minute storm interrupted our evening swim Friday, but we weren’t too bothered by it.
We still got to spend plenty of time in this lovely pool.
We squeezed in a Timber Rattler game Sunday afternoon and got to see Willy Adames do his thing. Very exciting.
The sandpit was a real draw as well. Those kids take their digging seriously. They all looked like little ostriches with their heads buried down in the sand.
And it’s always a pleasure to hug Whiffer.
Man, I love summer!

One thought on “Lucky ducks

  1. I almost flew up to see the game, but flights were full coming back. It’s a good thing I didn’t as it was Michele’s worst outing in a long time… They’ve got him pitching every 4 – 6 days and he needs more regular outings like the others. 🙁 On a positive note, it’s a fantastic ballpark!!

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