Thank you, next

I don’t think you can be a Packer fan and not be grateful for Aaron’s Rodger’s stellar performances during his historic 18 years in Green Bay.

And I don’t think you can be a Wisconsinite and not be grateful that he has moved on.

These past few seasons have been uncomfortable — kind of like an awkward dinner where everyone tries a little too hard to please a guest of honor who would rather be almost anyplace else.

Sometimes, it’s best for everyone and the good memories they share to part ways. That’s sports, man. That’s life.

So, maybe you fold up that No. 12 jersey and put it away for a while. Maybe you grouse a little because you’re mad at the eye-rolling and the pre-season lollygagging and the arrogance. That’s certainly your perogative.

But you don’t have to be bitter. The fact is Aaron Rodgers elevated Green Bay — both the team and the city that owns it — in a way only the most elite athletes can do. He brought the Lombardi Trophy home and gave us a nearly two-decade long highlight reel.

So, if you feel like cursing him, remember the Hail Marys. If you’re offended by the way he broadly defines certain trigger words, or his gleeful promotion of Ayahuasca, or the fact that he requires his coaches to Facetime him before he’ll talk about plans for an upcoming season, think about the more than 100 wishes he has granted to critically ill children through Make-A-Wish Wisconsin, or his long association with the MACC Fund.

I hope Packer fans will set aside their disappointment with the way the Aaron Rodgers time in Green Bay ended, and rally with Love to bring on this new era.

Go Pack Go!

Sometimes, I like to think about the legends looking down on this old stadium. We’ve seen a lot of great players come and go, but the game goes on.

We’re heading into a new era, and I’d like to think we can do it with excitement for the future and respect for the past.
I don’t have any pictures of Aaron Rodgers, but I do have this throw back picture of the time our friends dressed as No. 12 and his football for Halloween.

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