An unrequited love

Every now and then my love for Wisconsin seems, how shall we say it? Unrequited.

I wax on about my lovely state — the food, the people, the music, the sunsets and the seasons. Then Wisconsin, God love her, dumps 14 inches of snow on the fifth day of spring.

What the heck, Wisconsin? I thought we had something special going. I thought you were The One.

My back muscles and my feelings hurt a little as I heaved that heavy snow off my porch. I scrolled through a highlight reel in my mind. There I was dashing out of the Washington Inn just after Double Bubble to take a picture of the sunset on Shawano Lake. And, over there! Me again, gleefully catching a hunk of cheese tossed off a parade float in Gillett and holding it aloft. I’m over there too! Walking along the Fox River and practically high-fiving the pelicans, eagles and swans frolicking there. I’m in Milwaukee too! And Pepin! And LaCrosse! And Elkhart Lake!


Is that it, Wisconsin? Did I scare you with my unabashed ardor? Did you see me staring at you through the window at Mader’s in the Third Ward and think I’d crossed a line? Was the autumnal love poem a little too much?

Is it not you? Is it me?

Is it time for me to start seeing other states?

Saturday night, I did let the sun go down on my anger.

But, the sun came up Sunday morning and you know what I did?

I took that snow and, with the help of a little pal of mine, I made a cute little snowman.

I’m your Lloyd Dobler, Wisconsin. I’m standing here holding a big old boombox over my head.

And I’m not going anywhere.

Saturday morning at our house. Hello Spring!
You are still beautiful, Wisconsin, but after shoveling this porch on the fifth day of spring, you might be on my last nerve.
I took my trusty shovel over and offered to help this Amazon driver get himself unstuck from the snow, but he declined. He might not have the best relationship with Wisconsin right now either.
The sun came up Sunday morning and we made amends…and a cute little snowman.
I still love you Wisconsin and I’m not going anywhere.

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