Happy birthday Grandma Peggy

In the days leading up to her 84th birthday, my mom completed three crosswords each morning, raced us to the Wordle, swam every afternoon, negotiated an auto repair, wrote a poem, played tennis with her feisty friends, took her necessary daily walk and toasted the sunset each evening with a nice glass of oaky chardonnay.

Today she’ll sit for an interview with Blue 58, a Packer podcast.

Tomorrow, she’ll celebrate the big day with a trip to her favorite birthday venue, Disney World. 

She works hard to achieve the high standards she has set for herself and, as a result, she leads a very enviable life.

She still loves to ride a rollercoaster; cheers for her beloved Bearcats and Badgers; has never, not once, pumped her own gas; loathes butter and mayonnaise; rides her bike; marches to John Phillip Sousa in the basement of her home; gets more satisfaction than anyone I know from Swiffer-ing her floors; follows the stock market closely and can discuss its daily fluctuations like a licensed advisor; chats with her family members every day.

She keeps in touch with the friends she made as a very young Packer wife more than six decades ago. The ladies regularly dissect current events, players and coaches and remember fondly their times together during the Glory Years.

She remains an active grandparent and happily dispenses advice and encouragement to her large brood.

With the impending birth of the first great-grandchild just weeks away, she will assume a new role this year, and one she anticipates with relish.

Please join me in wishing Grandma Peggy a happy birthday (tomorrow). We can’t wait to see what adventures this year brings you. We’re lucky to tag along.

Her grandson Charlie and his wife Tara gifted my mom this cozy Bearcat sweatshirt and Badger shoes to honor her two favorite sports teams. She follows both their basketball and football programs faithfully and has set a goal to attend a Bearcat football game next fall. We’ll see you then Cincinnati!
This was my mom’s reaction to Charlie and Tara’s announcement that they are having a baby, her first great-grandchild.
My mom and members of the next generation of her family.
She wrote a song for my sister Kathy and plays it every chance she gets.
“I’m going to send this to Ruth,” she said, because Ruth’s husband Elijah Pitts wore this number. The Lombardi ladies keep in touch and have a lot of great memories to share.
I got to toast a sunset with my mom earlier this month. Cheers to another glorious year!

6 thoughts on “Happy birthday Grandma Peggy

  1. Happy birthday dear friend. We will celebrate in May when you get home! Enjoy that new great grandchild! You may be 84 in chronological years, but your enthusiasm for life and all it has to offer contribute to your acting so young at heart! I am only about a year and four months behind you! Have a great day.🕶🍷🏀🏈🎹🎢🎾🎂

  2. Happy Birthday Love you and enjoy our talks so much. Hope I see you this year. Thanks for your friendship.

  3. Birthday blessings to Grandma Peggy🎂🥳🎉.
    Thinking of her today as she rides the roller coaster at Disney!!!!!

  4. Happy 84th & a blessed year to your mom. She makes 84 look very young. My she have many many more Hope her Disney trip was great for her

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