The Year of the Banana Muffin

I’m calling 2023 the Year of the Banana Muffin because it’s going to be sweet and I don’t want to waste any of it.

I’m not going to waste the bananas that have sat on my counter a little too long. (I’m not going to stick them in my freezer either because I know how that story ends and I refuse to pull another Zip Loc bag out of my freezer and say, “Huh! I wonder what this is!”) I’m going to bake those kind of gross nanners into delicious muffins as soon as I notice them wilt.

I’m not going to waste words either. I hate that. We need fewer words in this old world, and more thought behind them. This year I plan to be succinct.

Time moves with alarming speed and, the older I get, the less I can abide wasting it. So, no wallowing, whining or wistfulness. The Banana Muffin is a see-a-problem-solve-a-problem-and-then-move-on year.

I don’t want to waste calories. So, no more mindless noshing. Of course, I’m going to add chocolate chips to my muffins because we humans deserve to eat things that taste good. But, good health is a luxury we should not squander and I’m going to keep that in the front of my mind this year.

I’m not going to waste my energy. I’m going to need it to bake all those muffins (and take care of all my people). So, I’m going to choose carefully before I invest my passion in projects, politics and posts.

I hope to avoid wasting money this year and to be more intentional about my purchases. I’m going to write grocery lists and try to stick to them, meal plan for the week ahead and maybe even design myself a budget.

In this year of yes to adventure, challenge, education, friendship and love, I’m not going to waste any opportunities. I can’t wait!

Let’s go!

This is my second batch of banana muffins this month and I have to say I think it’s going to be a delicious year.
I’m not going to waste a moment this year, or an evening by this fireplace, or a dinner with friends, or a silly joke with my little people, or a sunset with my family.

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