All good gifts

We unboxed a glorious sunset Tuesday night that turned out to be the last, perfect gift of this Christmas season.

It is one thing to enjoy a beautiful sunset, it is quite another to watch it unfurl with someone who takes as much delight in such things as you do. That’s what happened to my sister Jenny and me late Tuesday afternoon and we’re both still giddy with the thrill of it all.

The sounds caught our attention first on our pre-dinner stroll — the crunch of our snowboots on the frozen snow, the clip clop of horse hooves from a passing buggy, the barely perceptible whoosh of deer crossing the road ahead.

Then, that sunset peaked out and we stopped to dilly dally in all that lavender blue.

Pink followed blue and then purple and those shy pastels danced gently on the snow all around. We spun in a full circle to take it all in.

“That was so cool,” Jenny said.

But the show had just begun.

“Look behind us,” I said and my sister gasped. We had stumbled into a take-all-comers sunset, and the golds and oranges had just arrived.

I think all those colors appreciated our little audience of two, because they put on quite a show. They even stuck around for the moon, which seemed kind of tickled to have the company.

I was also tickled to have the company.

I can’t tell you how grateful I was for those moments in the fresh clean air, under that glorious sky with my sister and a cabin full of people we love right behind us.

Sunsets, like all good gifts, are sent from heaven above.

The sunset started slowly, while our other senses were engaged by the clip-clopping sound of a passing buggy, the fresh clean scent of the winter air and the deep cleansing feeling of all that cold, fresh air.
Then the pastels arrived and we dilly dallied in all that lavender blue.
At some point, Jenny pointed out that blues and pinks were our colors…
…so, naturally we took a little selfie.
Then, the bold colors joined the party and we called our people to come have a look.
They unanimously voted to enjoy the show from inside the cabin.
Before that sunset’s curtain call, the moon joined all those colors on stage…
And my sister Jenny could not contain her glee.

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