A wet and wild Wisconsin weekend

We Wisconsinites savor our summers and work pretty hard to squeeze as much as we can out of them.

Take this weekend, for instance.

As planes lined up in Oshkosh for EAA AirVenture, and Iron Man touched down for a Wisconsin Timber Rattler game, and 78,000 soccer fans from all over the world made their way to Lambeau Fútbol Field, and 180 artists set up for Art in the Park, and Santa and Mrs. Claus visited the Appleton Farmer’s Market, and 23 polka bands got ready to take the stage in Pulaski, a line of severe thunderstorms moved through.

Guess what?

People took cover, reset, and the weekend’s events rolled on.

Iron Man still came to Fox Cities Stadium (though eventually the game was postponed), the historic Bayern Munich and Manchester City exhibition soccer match took a couple of lightning breaks but carried on, Art in the Park, Polka Days and Santa and Mrs. Claus all picked themselves up, brushed themselves off and thoroughly enjoyed the weekend.

We did too, though we’re all going to need a couple of days to recover.

My people and I managed to hit the Farmer’s Market, where we chatted with Santa and Mrs. Claus and listened to a Christmas-Themed New Horizons Band concert, then we went raspberry picking, took a float down the river, swung through Pulaski Polka Days and picked up some Halubki to go, and watched the rain fall after high-fiving Iron Man and enjoying some ice cream at the eventually postponed T-Rats game.

That was just Saturday.

Sunday we hit the parks and spent some time at City Park where we enjoyed live music by some of the Mile of Music performers, toured some very cool art and took home some of the best balloon art we’ve ever seen.

We missed the soccer game but heard from lots of people who had a great time.

What a weekend, huh?

Now, let’s all rest up and do it again next week!

We kicked off our Saturday with a stroll through the Farmer’s Market where we were delighted to see…
…a vacationing Santa and Mrs. Claus!
Then we headed north and spontaneously stopped at Porter’s Patch to pick raspberries. It was pretty hot work, but the berries tasted delicious.
We missed the biggest sporting event of the evening, but our friend Leti went (as did a lot of other people we know). Leti was kind enough to share this awesome picture with me.
Meanwhile, over at the Fox Cities Stadium, we were enjoying a very pleasant visit with our hero, Iron Man and hoping the storm would clear in time for some baseball. It didn’t but…
…We had more fun the next day when we went to Art in the Park,
Enjoyed some excellent live music and…
…discovered some amazing balloon artists.
Just look at that Baby Yoda! We came home with a pink airplane that actually flew and a chain saw that looked amazingly authentic.

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