A billion beams of sunlight and a shining birthday boy

Today, at 11:15 (UTC) an astronomical phenomenon will occur that will result in 99% of the earth’s population experiencing sunlight. Also, today at 11:37 (CST) Charlie Biskupic turns 35-years old.

Coincidence? Hardly.

I think the whole world should be sunny on the day my oldest son celebrates his birthday. It sure felt that way the day he was born.

I remember the whole thing like it was yesterday.

I wasn’t sure if I was in labor…and then I was very sure. I thought they were telling my husband to suit up in scrubs to distract him because he was so nervous. But, it turned out they actually needed him to get ready because they were moving us into the delivery room.

I remember thinking I should have paid a little more attention to that class they made us take as things moved along. Then, that tiny baby popped his little head out and I swear he said hello.

We were 23-years old, naive, absolutely thrilled that our baby was healthy and momentarily panicked that we would be taking him home.

Vince sat at the foot of our bed staring at Charlie the first night we brought him home.

“I don’t think you have to watch him like that all night,” I said. But, really, what did I know? And what hospital in its right mind sends a real live baby home with two people who’ve never been parents before?

We lived in a one-bedroom apartment back then so the three of us spent a lot of time together. We muddled our way through first diaper changes, feeding schedules, awkward spit-up moments and colic. I remember those days as being kind of terrifying and really fun.

Today, that poor, tiny baby stands 6-5 and lives 968 miles away. In less than a month we get to celebrate his wedding (after a two-year, Covid-inspired delay).

I know less about astronomy than I did about little babies back in 1987. But, I like to think that earth is tilted just a little on its axis today in celebration of our fine young man, and that this year’s singular moment of universal sunlight is like a giant birthday candle for him.

So, maybe at exactly 11:15 today, Charlie could make a birthday wish and may all his dreams come true.

Happy birthday Charlie!

This is Charlie, still tucked away, on the balcony of our apartment in Naperville.
And here he is a few weeks after his birth. We really had no idea what we were doing but we had fun figuring it out.
Charlie’s first trip to the cabin.
Here is our little Chooch about one hour after he made his way into this world.
The poor little guy put up with a lot, but we had such fun!
In just a few weeks we get to celebrate he and his wife Tara’s wedding. Woo hoo!
In case you’re interested, here is a chart showing how it is that 99% of the world’s population will be experiencing sunlight today at 11:15 UTC. Also, in case you’re wondering how I even know that 99% of the world’s population will be experiencing sunlight today, Charlie told me.

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