On eagles wings

We followed an eagle into summer last night and could not be more grateful for the guidance.

As is our reflex, we sprinted north when we realized we had the opportunity and plunked our tubes in the Oconto River as soon as we arrived.

Soon after, a majestic bald eagle swooped overhead and beckoned us to follow.

Of course we did.

That river tells us a different story each time we arrive and last night it spoke of optimism, opportunity and good old-fashioned fun.

Three times that old eagle came back to check on us and we heard the age-old cry of sand hill cranes too as we floated along.

“Come with us into summer,” they croaked. “We’re all so excited to be here.”

Say what you will about Wisconsin, where the winter winds blow so fiercely you can’t feel your face when you venture outside.

Our summers, though, are always sublime.

Take the moments, man. Watch the sunsets. Follow the eagles. Breath in the joy.

It’s all so fleeting and it’s equally fun.

Here’s to summer in Wisconsin. Let the wild rumpus begin!

I did not have my camera or phone with me when the bald eagle beckoned us last night, but I did grab it when we landed on our dock.
This picture says summer to me and I’m thrilled that it’s here.
No matter how hectic our lives become, this spot is waiting to offer us repose.
A crowd of daisies cheered us on as we disembarked.

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