A tale of two chairs

Every now and then I find myself sitting in a $6,895 chair, sipping a glass of wine, listening to live music and thinking, “Man, am I lucky or what?”

The chair isn’t mine, of course, and I can’t even believe people let me sit in it. But, there it is, every time I arrive, acting like it’s waiting just for me.

So, I perch gingerly at first and then, as the music wafts over me, I settle back and enjoy.

I am grateful for those quiet moments of beauty and peace.

Sometimes, when I sit in the $6,895 chair I think about another chair, the one I bought on impulse at a Habitat for Humanity Store. I wasn’t even furniture shopping that day and I’d only ever been to that store once before, with someone who knew what she was doing.

I was supposed to be buying water for work at the Costco next door.

But, on the drive over I had been thinking about how we really needed a rocking chair now that our house was full of little people again, so I poked my head into the ReStore.

For a grand total of $26 I bought an aptly named easy chair and a nice gentleman helped me load it onto the bed of my husband’s truck. He offered to help me dismantle it for the ride home and assured me it would be easy to reassemble. But, I know my unique abilities and furniture assembly is not one of them. I told him I’d be just fine and that I had to get going because I wanted to beat the rain home.

So, he stuck the whole thing on the bed of the truck and I drove away.

I got a good chuckle out of the site we made, my old blue chair and me, as we made our way down Wisconsin Avenue.

“We look like a couple of Clampetts on our way to the Ce-ment pond,” I thought as I saw that tall chair rocking merrily in my rear view mirror.

But, that chair turned out to be a regal addition to our household, once I’d recruited some help to wrestled it up the stairs and into the children’s bedroom. It is exactly as soft and as sturdy as I’d hoped it would be, with plenty of room for an accomodating lap.

There is a particular nook that every human has between the left ear and collarbone. It makes the perfect resting spot for a small sleepy head.

One night, I sat in my new-to-me blue rocking chair, with a small head resting in that nook and I thought, “Man, am I lucky or what?”

I like to think of this chair as my spot for the occasional live music events that take place at a local furniture store. It’s a great chair, but a little out of my league. Still, I’m grateful for the time I get to spend in it.
Then, I think of this beauty, which I purchased on impulse for $26. That chair suits us perfectly and I am also grateful for the time I get to spend in it.

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