Blame it on the rain (and sleet and snow) yeah yeah

If you’re looking for one thing to blame for Davante Adams leaving the greatest team in NFL history to play in the desert, I think I can help you out (and it doesn’t involve surly quarterbacks or college cronies).

I think he just couldn’t take another Wisconsin Spring.

Just look at the 10-day forecast for Las Vegas compared to the same stretch in Green Bay and you’ll see what I mean. What’s that yellow round ball thing that shows up every day in their forecast? Ah, yes. It’s the sun. 

Meanwhile, we get rain, snow and sleet.

It’s no wonder our famous good cheer wanes a little along with our gibbous during these last days of March.

Most of us Wisconsinites are a little desperate for some vitamin D right about now. 

I think of early spring in Wisconsin as a gauntlet through which everyone has to run to earn the privilege of our gorgeous parks, excellent education system and unfailing politeness (social media trolls aside).

All the cool things about winter – ice rinks, sled hills, snowmobile trails – turn to slush, and then mud, and then slush again during the cow pie days of March in Wisconsin. 

Ice slithers across roads and sidewalks like some spiteful serpent you can’t see and only notice when it upends you in a most undignified way. The wind whips your best intentions away.

But, here’s something we Midwesterners know for sure: those miserable last two weeks in March are a small price to pay for the glory of our greatest asset.

Autumn in Wisconsin is lush, a shimmering, golden rainbow of beauty, bounty and brats on the grill.

I think I speak for a lot of Packer fans when I thank Davante Adams for his great run here in Titletown and tell him this:

You’re going to miss this place come fall.

I took this picture on March 13, just one week before the Vernal Equinox. It’s a pretty view, but also a harbinger of the cow pie days of spring.
A pretty dismal view all around, but there’s hope on the other side of those pane/pains.
I wonder if Davante Adams turned around and caught this view the night he left Lambeau Field for the last time.
Spring is not out best look. But, Wisconsin owns the fall. Go Pack Go!

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