Art peaces for Ukraine

My friend Cathy curates beauty from her shop on College Avenue and shares it with the world via her website. Like many of us, she has been following the terrible news from Ukraine very closely and looking for ways to support the people living there.

Earlier this week, she posted an idea that I loved and jumped right on.

When you search for digital files on Etsy, and click All Filters, you can search by shop location. If you choose Ukraine, you will see pages of artwork created by people living in Ukraine. Purchasing these digital files not only supports these artists monetarily, it also connects you directly to them.

They will know you support their art and their country and they’ll have proof that, though they may be isolated, they are not alone.

Etsy introduced me to Natasha Zinenko, a 37-year old wife and mother of two. I bought two of her files because they’re beautiful but also because I want her to know someone in Appleton, Wisconsin cares about her and supports her country’s right to be free.

When Russia invaded, Natasha wrote on her Instagram account, “I love my country Ukraine, my home! I want to meet spring, not war…”

I plan to continue to purchase Natasha’s art (which is not very expensive at all) and to pray for her and her family. I hope they get to meet spring.

I also bought a piece from Oksana Volkovska, who is from Odessa, Ukraine.

These are very, very small gestures, but they are also genuine indications of support.

Albert Einstein said, “Art is standing with one hand extended into the universe and one hand extended into the world, and letting ourselves be a conduit for passing energy.”

That’s how I feel about these pieces of art.

I’d love to hear your ideas as well.

I bought this file from Natasha Zinenko and I’m thinking about turning it into a yard sign.
I loved this one. Sunflowers, as we’ve all recently learned, are the national flower of Ukraine. I purchased this one from Oksana’s shop.
Here’s another one from Natasha. She sends a little thank you note for each purchase. It reads “Dear friend!
Thank you very much for the purchase and support in such a difficult period in Ukraine.
We see huge support from people from all over the world!!!
It gives us the strength we need right now.
Stay with Ukraine!
Pray for peace in Ukraine!
Thank you, Natasha”

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