Yesterday’s kids : Dancin’ Nancy (A guest post by Peggy Kostelnik)

Meet Nancy Bronska, who at 87-years old, is a true “super ager”.

Dancing to the music of the 80s, Nancy leads the Beachplace ladies each day in water aerobics.

Born in Long Island, NY, Nancy began taking dance lessons at age four. Her mom, a concert pianist who performed in Carnegie Hall, introduced her to music and dance. Her dad, a cousin of the famous Marx Brothers, shared with her his love of sports, humor and fellowship.

After her family moved to Cincinnati, Nancy studied dance at the Conservatory of Music under Madame La Cour. She became an apprentice instructor and worked with a young Suzanne Farrell.

Today this “Yesterday’s Kid” combines the qualities of both parents. She never misses her daily exercises, including walking with her 60-year old friends, tap dancing and leading the popular aerobic program. She also enjoys both yoga and frequent massages.

Nancy, a widow, is passionate about her five children and her special friend, Bob Betagole, who, at 93-years old, exudes the same joy in life as Nancy.

Together they look at the sky and see only the blue; never the clouds that distort the view. Hopefully as I “super age” I will see only the blue in the sky and, like Nancy and Bob experience the joy that surrounds me each day.

Nancy studied dance at the University of Cincinnati’s Music Conservatory.
These days she continues to lead a very active life, including teaching the daily water aerobics class at Beachplace.
At 87-years old, Nancy teaches water aerobics and tap dances every day.
Nancy and her 93-year old boyfriend Bob Betagole share a joy of life and similar access to the fountain of youth.

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