Feels like temperature

We talk a lot about the “feels like” temperature around here, because not knowing the difference between air temperature and wind chill could cost you a couple of digits or a nose.

On Monday, for instance, the air temperature when I woke up read a balmy -8 degrees, but the “feels like” temperature, thanks to a light but icy wind, was -29. My alarm told me it was time to get up, but my “feels like” indicator told me to roll over and go back to sleep. I listened to my “feels like” gauge. It has never steered me wrong.

I think we should check our “feels like” temperature more often in life.

For instance, if the calendar says Wednesday, but it feels like a Friday to you, I say put your feet up and enjoy a glass of wine.

If it looks like you set a soup bowl down on the table, but your taste buds are telling you it feels more like an ice cream situation, then scoop yourself a treat! (Side note: Frio Mexican Treats opens back up today at 3 so you can pick up that fresh, homemade ice cream you’ve been craving.)

On a more serious note, if that friendly stranger about to get into an elevator with you feels like he might be a creep, trust your gut. Get off!

If it feels like a good day to check out Appleton’s freshly groomed ice rinks, but you’re worried you might be too old for such shenanigans, I say lace up! You might see me out there one of these days too.

You could apply a feels like barometer to almost any aspect of your life.

If it feels like a comfy shoe kind of day, pull out your Chuck Taylors and wear them with pride. If you sit down to watch the news, but Below Deck feels like a more interesting choice, anchors away!

There are all sorts of frivolous applications of the feels like principle — you could feel like painting your nails purple or dyeing your hair blue. But, there are deeper ones too.

If you feel like it’s been a long time since you talked to your friend, you should pick up the phone and call. If it feels like someone you know is struggling, you should step in and offer to help. If it feels like it’s been a while since you’ve seen a dentist, you should probably make an appointment. If that mole on your back feels like it might be trouble, get it checked out.

Mostly, though, I associate the feels like principle with optimism and afternoon treats.

If it feels like it’s going to be a good day, it will be.

It feels like the ice is slowly melting.
Little darling, it seems like years since it’s been clear. (It feels like a Beatles kind of day).
Good to see Pete Petoniak back up and meteorologing. Too bad we had to welcome him back with a blast of arctic air.
My phone felt like depicting a sunny orange grove when it told me the feels like temperature was -8 degrees. That felt like a mean little prank.

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