Kassidy’s studio lounge and dining

We have known and admired Kassidy and Michael Andrus since they were teenagers working long hours bussing tables and slinging drinks at the Washington Inn.

So, when we heard they’d bought a supper club, we stopped by to wish them well. We’ve been back a few times since then, drawn by the warm atmosphere and excellent food.

We popped in Saturday night for dinner.

Like she does with just about everyone who walks through the door, Kassidy greeted us by name and asked specific questions about our friends and family as she slid coasters on the bar and made some pretty accurate guesses as to our drink order. Kassidy, who started working in restaurants when she was in high school, runs a bar with a necessary but still astonishing combination of competence and good cheer.

She can shake a martini with one eye on front-door traffic and the other on the cash register, while chatting with a young couple sitting at the bar, nodding at another who has just walked in and directing her fellow bartender (Michael’s Aunt Jamie) to a hidden bottle of raspberry vodka.

Meanwhile, Michael, who got his start when he was 14-years old clearing tables and running plates, works his magic in the kitchen. We didn’t get to see him (because it was a busy night) on this trip, but we did get to taste his food and it is delicious.

Kassidy’s Studio Lounge offers an old school supper club experience with meals that include soup, salad, warm bread and cheese spreads and crackers. In addition to regular supper club fare like prime rib and chicken, Michael makes a delicious salmon. The first time I ordered it, it came with a tasty mango salsa, the second time with a yogurt dill sauce. Vince ordered parmesan scallops on our first trip to the Studio and the prime rib Saturday night.

We really enjoyed our meals and the friendly atmosphere we have found each time we’ve been there.

It’s been fun to cheer on Kassidy and Michael through some busy exciting years — courtship, marriage, two cute children and now an eponymous business.

We highly recommend Kassidy’s Studio Lounge and Dining for its upscale food and friendly atmosphere.

We first met Kassidy and Michael when they worked at the Washington Inn, a supper club in Cecil, Wisconsin. This is Kassidy with our son Vinnie and his a capella group Fundamentally Sound after they sang at the Washington Inn.
This is Andrea and Sandy with our friend Joe outside the Washington Inn a few years ago. Andrea and Sandy both work at Kassidy’s Studio Lounge and Dining now.
I took this picture of Kassidy and Michael’s Aunt Jaime Saturday night. They’re both really fun and handle a busy bar with ease. (Kassidy also keeps an eye on the restaurant and everything else going on.)
How beautiful is this family?!
We’ve known Kassidy and Michael since they were teen-agers and we’re so excited to see how well they’re doing.
Kassidy’s Studio Lounge and Dining. (It’s right outside Shawano).
Vince’s prime rib dinner. He had leftovers.
In addition to a full supper club menu, they have nightly specials like this.

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  1. Bob and I would love to join you there some time. We heard there were new owners there and it is very good!!

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