On Labor’s Day

In honor of Labor Day 2021, I’d like to salute the word.

Here’s to:

Honest work and the people who take pride in it.

Parents who teach their children the value of effort and who aren’t afraid to let them take risks.

Men and women who work until their task, and not necessarily their shift, is complete.

Earned sweat.

The gritty kind of pride that swells in the wake of a job well done.


Just and sustainable compensation.

A safe working environment.

The human capacity to try just a little harder each day.

The self-improvement that naturally follows.

Happy Labor Day and thank you to people like my Pap, a coal miner, my grandma, a store clerk, my grandpa, a butcher, my dad, a football player turned businessman, my mom, a teacher, and all those admirable people who show us how to earn the paycheck and honor the job.

Here’s a throwback picture of Pap, my paternal grandfather and my oldest son Charlie. I’m not sure there’s a more difficult way to earn a paycheck than as a coal miner and I salute their work ethic and lasting bond.
My maternal grandpa, pictured with his brother Irv behind the meat counter, worked hard in his family’s grocery store.
My grandma worked in the company store and raised my dad to have a strong work ethic just like hers.
Here’s to the kind of work ethic we see every day in Wisconsin farmers. (I’ll have more on that in Wednesday’s blog).

2 thoughts on “On Labor’s Day

  1. Love the farm scene! One of one of my favorite new Mudcats is from Oak Creek WI. His parents are so nice!!
    The other night I looked at the Timber Rattlers game and all but #8 and #9 batter were Mudcats earlier this season!

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