Circles of life and love

Nearly 30 years after he first held the tiniest baby either of us had ever seen, my husband Vince got to preside over her wedding.

The ceremony, which took place on a perfect Friday evening, celebrated life, love, laughter, family and parenting in all its forms — step parents, birth parents, grandparents, godparents, foster parents, and some of the happiest parents of the bride we’ve ever seen.

Like the bands the newlyweds placed on each other’s fingers, the circles of love surrounding Kalie and Kyle intersected in beautiful ways. Kalie’s mom Sue exuded joy as she pinned flowers, straightened decorations and coaxed a reluctant flower girl down the aisle; her dad Ray caused the entire bridal party and most of the attendees to well up with his sweet, surprise rendition of “I loved her first”; her young son Jonathan stood tall and strong as a proud groomsmen; her birthmother Lisa watched with love and support.

Sometimes, life unfolds in little bursts of unexpected miracles — babies who find their way to the exact people who are meant to raise them, young mothers who realize that person may or may not be them and parents who celebrate the gift of family so generously that they welcome everyone to the party.

We were thrilled to celebrate with Kalie and Kyle and we wish them and their amazing, extended, happy, boisterous, tender, joyful, brave, lovely family a lifetime of love.

Kalie lived with us for a short time in 1991 when she was so tiny we had to wake her up every four hours to feed her. Vince loves to tell people we doubled her weight in two months. Mostly, though, we felt very grateful to witness that sweet little baby’s story unfold in a joyous celebration of maternal love and brave generosity.
Nearly 30 years later, Vince got to preside over Kalie’s wedding to Kyle, an equally joyous celebration layered with maternal love and brave generosity.
Kalie and Kyle’s daughter Haidyn saw all those faces looking at her and briefly changed her mind about walking down the aisle.
Grandma Sue provided a little tender encouragement and then…
…wth Haidyn still unsure about the whole thing, Grandma Sue tossed the petals, one of many sweet and joyful moments in the ceremony.
Kalie’s dad Ray walked her down the aisle and then…
…he sang several songs including a touching rendition of “I loved her first.”
I love the thumbs up from Kyle’s niece, Jaylee Cornelius, a less reluctant flowergirl, and the look on Sue’s face as Ray walks Kalie down the aisle.
Shout out to the ringer bearers, Fletcher and Lincoln Blaser, looking dapper and sweet.
The weather turned out to be perfect for the ceremony, a small miracle since it rained most of the rest of the weekend.
All weddings should be this joyful and fun.
Congratulations to Kalie and Kyle!
Life is precious and so are the moments we share. Just look at this sweet little baby and the beautiful wife and mother she grew up to be!

9 thoughts on “Circles of life and love

  1. Nicely written thank you for sharing the message. It will touch many hearts. It was great meeting you and Vince at the wedding. Jackie and Vern

  2. Oh Vince and Laura, you are such a beautiful example of a long life of loving kids. I love the young Vince and Laura photos! This is so tenderly written. A reminder that layers of love, from many grown-up makes all the difference. Congratulations to the beautiful bride and her amazing family!
    P.S. Grandma throwing the flower petals is the best – how gracious and joyful.

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