It’s times like these you learn to live again

It’s times like these you learn to live again.

Dave Grohl wrote the perfect song for the summer of 2021, because the sun is finally shining, family and friends are gathering at last and music, live music, is making its way back into venues. Thankfully, we, who have been fumbling through an historically challenging period in this old world, can start to live again.

I am a new day rising.

I sat with a chesire grin Friday night and watched the golden hour stretch over Ledgestone Vineyards. It kicked off summer for me in the most glorious way as I toasted with some of my favorite people, sipped a little local wine and tapped my toe to a real live band.

I am a brand new sky.

I had been wanting to visit Ledgestone Vineyards for some time and I especially wanted to check it out with the two sommeliers in our family, our son and daughter in-law, Vinnie and Danni. This weekend, the stars aligned and the three of us set up our lawn chairs on the vineyard grounds and made ourselves at home.

To hang the stars upon tonight.

The whole evening felt like a perfect prelude to a season we’ve all be dreaming about as we made our way through some dark times. I don’t know how many stars I wished upon, but I’m grateful for any of them that brought us here, to a time of laughter and joy and music.

It’s times like these you give and give again.

I hope you all are feeling optimistic about this summer as well, and thankful for the opportunities we have to celebrate all the things we’ve been missing. I felt an overwhemling surge of gratitude and joy that began Friday night and continued to build through the weekend.

I hope the summer of 2021 is everything you hope it will be.

It’s times like these and time and time again.

You can see by the people who got up and danced and the cool spectre of a kind of rainbow over the building, that Ledgestone Vineyard was hopping Friday night.
I’m so thrilled to be in that lawn chair listening to live music with two of my favorite people! Cheers!
The vineyards looked especially beautiful during that golden hour.
And the band, Sweet Acoustics Live! put on a great show.
We loved the flatbread pizzas too!
Such a joy to visit Ledgestone Vineyards with these two lovely, world-traveling, music-loving, wine-knowing, adorable people. And, lucky me, it was just a taste of a summer that is going to include a nice long gathering of all of my far-flung family members. We can’t wait!

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