Brats, Booyah and our oldest boy

Our oldest son came home for the first time since Christmas 2019 and we celebrated with a taste of all things Wisconsin.

So far during his stay, he has enjoyed a good, old-fashioned fish fry from Mark’s Eastside, cheesecurds from Tom’s Drive-in, a brat from a roadside stand and booyah! made by his sister Molly in a propane kettle at our cabin.

Charlie calls Appleton “Heaven on Earth” and tries to get home as often as possible. But, job responsiblities and a global pandemic kept him on the eastcoast for far too long. He flew home the day after he was fully vaccinated.

Charlie’s visit also was a sample of the glorious family reunion we’re planning when all four siblings and their spouses and significant others will be home from a nice stretch of time in July. We can’t wait.

Until then, we soaked in the wit and wisdom of a man who has been able to maintain his unique brand of Midwestern charm through an entire decade of life in New York City.

During his visit, he strolled along Appleton’s river paths and walked the trestle bridge for the very first time. On subsequent walks, he enjoyed an Arnie Palmer from the Green Gecko and mint julep cold brew from the Tempest. He took nostalgic trips to the skateboard park at Telulah and the playground at Erb, had a lunch date with his grandma and chatted with Connie the Cookie Lady.

It felt really good to have him and his sister Molly (who lives in Minneapolis, a much more mangeable distance from us) home.

This weekend, they joined us in our first float of the year down the Oconto River.

Then, yesterday, Molly turned a wild turkey and a giant chicken we’d been keeping for her in the freezer, into a delicious pot of Chicken Booyah. Unique to this part of Wisconsin, Chicken Booyah tastes like the community gatherings at which it is served — fresh, comforting, warm and a little salty. It simmers from a cauldron and beckons people to come in from the fields and sit down for a bowl.

We ate it late Sunday afternoon and it was the perfect treat on a chilly afternoon.

It was also a treat, after too long a stretch, to see that cabin fill up with people again.

Bring on the summer of 2021!

Molly woke up early to get things rolling with the booyha. Then, we helped her de-bone, a process I normally detest but, given the company, it turned out to be fun. (And, I imagine, a community effort with any booyah makes it tastes richer).
Charlie once lived on Avenue B.
There were perks to helping out.
On Saturday, we stopped at a brat fry on the way up to the cabin.
At one point, Charlie’s tank top matched the flowers I am in the process of planting on our front porch.
He also took his Avenue B hat and the Queens hat he brought for the other members of our house to Erb Park for a visit.
We kicked off summer with a float down the river and can’t wait to float again in July with Tara, Katherine, Ed, Vinnie and Danni as well. Woo hoo for the summer of 2021.

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