You’re a Grand old Canyon

Conveniently located right between me and my oldest daughter, the Grand Canyon stands as both a perfect meeting point for two people who really, really needed to see each other and an age-old monument to Mother Nature’s majesty.

I mean, really!

We drove up on a brisk morning a few weeks ago and initially had the place to ourselves, which meant we could shuck away the trappings of our current century and travel back as many layers of sediment as our imaginations could take us.

I stood as close to the edge as my height-adverse husband could tolerate, and soaked in the view.

“Well done, Mother Earth,” I thought. “You wear your years so gracefully and, even with all those lines, you’re still a knockout.”

I wondered, as I took in those distinct layers that pre-date all of humanity, what stories they held. And, I thought about what layers we’re currently leaving on the land.

It felt like another reminder to seize as much as we can out of life, because while our time on this earth is very finite, the impression we leave behind lasts forever.

We got right to the celebrations and enjoyed all that Arizona had to offer. We ate fresh tacos and chocolate fudge cake, swam in a pool with a lemon tree canopy, hiked through glorious vistas, played cards, basketball and football and had a wonderful time.

I hope if you haven’t yet that you get the chance to see the Grand Canyon some day and I hope this weekend you can add another layer of joy to you life’s story.

Happy Friday!

My husband Vince took this picture of me enjoying the Grand Canyon for the first time. “If you jump I’ll take your picture,” he said. So, I did.
I’d seen pictures, of course, but I’d never stood on the edge of a canyon this magnificent and pondered all the history stored there.
Look at how cool those layers are and imagine the stories they tell!
We had the whole place to ourselves for most of the morning.
Except for these cool mule deer.
Later, we enjoyed the rest of what Arizona had to offer. Including beautiful hikes, which both Katherine and I love.
And glorious sunsets.
Mostly, we enjoyed hanging out with Katherine and her boyfriend Ed.
Literally, a lemon yellow sky.
Some of the best street tacos I’ve ever had.
We all had a great time!
Also, Ed is a photographer so these next few photos are quite a treat.
Look at the composition of those rocks and this photo!
He also guided us through this hike. I didn’t have to think at all, I just followed him.
So grateful for the time we shared.

7 thoughts on “You’re a Grand old Canyon

  1. I agree with Mary Heim! So much to explore at the Grand Canyon no matter how many times you visit!

  2. I, too, have been there. There is so much tonsee and do there! So much vastness, history and beauty. If those layers could talk, tgeyvwould probably have exciting tales to tell.

  3. It’s also beautiful from above. Keith and I flew over it in a teeny tiny plane. Amazing experience.

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