Sure and begorrah you can celebrate here

If you want to feel good about spending your money locally, and you want to eat delicious Irish food, and hear some live Irish music and celebrate St. Patrick’s day the way the good lord intended, then I have the place for you.

McGuinness Irish Pub in downtown Appleton has every option you need to celebrate safely and with gusto. They’re hosting a tent party on Saturday March 13 with live music and plenty of their Irish fare. On Sunday, they’re offering two-for-one Reuben Sandwiches in honor of National Reuben Day and, on the big day, McGuinness will open at 8 a.m. for a full Irish breakfast and corned beef and cabbage dinners all day.

They’ve created a drive-thru for all of these events, so if you don’t feel comfortable sticking around, you can pick up your authentic Irish cuisine, and swing on home to enjoy it.

They have posted this message on their website:

“We at McGuinness place the health and safety of our customers and staff as top priority. With that in mind, we promise to do our best to ensure proper social distancing of our dining tables and will keep everything properly clean and sanitized. As we do our best to keep our Pub safe, we also ask that if you do not yet feel comfortable in crowded spaces, please use our Drive-Thru Lane and we look forward to celebrating in person soon.”

The thing about this particular St. Patrick’s Day is that it comes after an historically challenging year for those in the restaurant/bar industry. So, it feels really good to be able to support one of our own on what can be a make-it-or-break it weekend for an Irish pub.

We enjoyed takeout from McGuinness earlier this year and I really liked my Shepherd’s Pie. I heard great reviews from the people in my house about their famous reuben sandwiches.

We intend to take advantage of the drive thru lane and enjoy another round of some good Irish fare, and it will be extra fun to listen to some live Irish music while we pick up our order.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day weekend! Happy National Reuben Sandwich Day!


I have fond memories of sitting in this pub listening to cool live music and pretending I’m in Ireland.
I’ve never actually been to Ireland, but I feel like this pub offers a pretty authentic experience.
When I swung past yesterday, they were setting up a giant tent for the festivities.
Here’s the info. for March 17.
And here are the hours for the tent party and Reuben Sandwich day.

One thought on “Sure and begorrah you can celebrate here

  1. Almost every day, I fix myself a Black Forest Ham and Swiss Cheese sandwich on Seeded Rye bread. Lo and behold, this week, there was not a loaf to be found in any of our three grocery stores!! So, finally today, after my husband’s 3rd trip to the grocery this week, he asked the bakery why there was no rye bread. The guy told him that it was because everyone buying the rye for ST. Patrick’s Day Reuben sandwiches! LOL

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