Hope springs eternal for me and my Peeps

I saw a bunch of brave little sprouts yesterday, a couple of bare-legged joggers and the sun shining on our dinner table — all signs that spring had popped into Wisconsin

Even though she’s a fickle, fleeting guest, spring ushers in such a welcome boost of optimism that I’m glad to see her every time. Out with the dirty snow and crankiness, and in with the fresh air and joy.

It’s been an especially oppressive winter for us all and I’m looking forward to some sunshine, clear sidewalks, picnics and fun. We squeezed in a bike ride and a bonfire yesterday and look forward to more of the same during this magical stretch of weather.

We’re sneaking in as much spring celebration as we can right now because we’ve lived here a season or 200 and we know this is just the taster box. The real spring is still a few weeks away.

But, it’s out there, man. And this year’s is going to be the happiest of all.

Because when those lilacs bud this year, they’re going to herald not just an end to winter but also, hopefully, the waning days of this awful pandemic.

It’s been so gratifying to see our most vulnerable family members get their vaccines and to know the rollout is picking up steam. Light and freedom await, along with festivals, concerts, yoga classes, family visits and dinner parties.

Hope springs eternal, springs run merrily, and there’s a spring in our boot-free steps.

Hang in there, friends. We’re nearly there.

I saw these brave little buds yesterday and I felt a little spring in my step.
So, we did some springtime things. We went for a bike ride, ate some ice cream and had a little backyard bonfire. One of us had the intriguing (though ultimately somewhat disturbing) idea to roast some Peeps I had purchased for another project.
Poor little Peep. It wasn’t supposed to end this way. (It was a fun little project but my Peeple report that Peeps taste better raw.) I’m sorry you had to see this. I promise happier Peep pics will be forthcoming. We’re planning to participate in the Fox Valley Sibling Support Network’s “Sibs are my Peeps” project. Stay tuned.

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