Seasons of life, love and landscapes

Like many people who follow his page, I met Spencer Jelinek through his rich and lovely landscape photography. Each photo captures and then elevates the world we live in right here and right now.

A lone tree on an icy field stands proud and strong, beautifully lit by the rising sun and posing as the perfect focal point as a frozen road meets a winter sky. Static in a lesser hand, the photo displays such movement and perspective that it tells a layered story with a fresh chapter each time I look back.

I can almost hear the rushing waters in another of my favorite photos. A covered bridge stretches over a waterfall and, even though I might have taken that exact same shot on that same golden moment, I could never have captured it so well.

So, I knew Spencer had talent and I looked forward to his daily posts.

Yesterday, he also posted a little bit of his life story and I became an even bigger fan because it provides such a concrete example of what can happen when you wipe the fog of addiction from your lens and let yourself see the beauty in the world all around.

Sometimes, you have to battle life for a while until it shows you the gifts you bring to its glorious splendor.

Spencer’s gift involves light, color, love and the ability to see them in and share them with this troubled world.

In his bio, he tells a story of lost relationships and failed rehabs, the people who stood with him as he struggled and the fiancé who bought him a camera and changed his life. Through his photos, he tells a story of inspiration and optimism, appreciation and joy.

He is offering some of the best photos in his catalogue on sale right now. For a mere $15 (or $10 a photo if you buy 5 or more), you can own a digital copy and order whatever prints you’d like. I purchased the two I described.

You can read his whole bio on his Facebook page or check out his website.

A Wisconsin-based photographer, Spencer celebrates the seasons through his pictures, in life, landscapes and love. I hope you’ll check him out.

I have really enjoyed Spencer Jelinek’s work and found his photos even more inspiring when I read his bio yesterday. I love when people are brave enough to confront the truths of their life stories and generous enough to share them with the world.
Also, I really love his work. This picture speaks to me every time I look at it and I was happy to purchase it from him at the discounted rate of $15.
I could stand in the exact same spot at the exact same moment and still not capture this celebration of light and movement.

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