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I can’t say I’ve ever been to Alaska, though it’s definitely a bucket list destination for me.

But, thanks to my Alaskan Kris Kringle, I can say I’ve tasted its delicacies and Holy Mackerel! my tastebuds and I really can’t wait to make the trip.

Having been assigned my name in the family Secret Santa, my nephew Ryan and his wife Danielle put together a tasty assortment that included smoked salmon caught and prepared by them.

“We called that Alaskan candy when I was growing up,” Danielle wrote.

An apt description — I felt very pious when I offered to share (and a little less so as I eyeballed the portions people selected).

In addition to the actual salmon, they sent me salmon berry jam, haskap jelly and blueberry rhubarb jelly. I had never heard of either salmon or haskap berries and now I know that, in addition to being very flavorful, haskaps are a super food with more antioxidants than blueberries.

They also sent us spitsalts produced in Homer, the town where they were married.

How’s this for an enticing description of a seasoning product from its cheeky producers:

“Homer is a quaint little fishing town on the southern coast of Alaska and is best known for its geographical landmark, THE HOMER SPIT. It’s a badass land piece that stretches 4.5 miles straight out into the ocean. The water that we get to make our salt was harvested right from the Spit. Hence the dorky name. #spitsalt.”

As I’m currently obsessed with roasted vegetables, I know those spitsalts will get lots of use and I can wait to try those badass packets.

I love my Alaskan care package and the very kind people who sent it my way.

This smoked salmon was delicious, caught fresh, cleaned, smoked and vacuum-sealed by my nephew Ryan.
I already broke into the Haskar Jelly because I was very curious about what a haskar berry tasted like. It was really good! Of course I also love the frisky moose label.
Some cool #spitsalt flavors I can’t wait to try. I’m especially interested in the smokey rhubarb.
I also got two really cute mugs and some honey.
How cute is this Alaskan Christmas photo of Ryan and Danielle’s kids?

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  1. My dad and cousin used to fly to Anchorage in the summer and drive to Homer to spend a week fishing. They absolutely loved the town and if my dad had been younger and single, he probably would have moved there. He bought a brick with his name for a walkway in downtown Anchorage. I had a few layovers at the Captain Cook Hotel in Anchorage and also took some cruises through southeastern Alaska. If it’s not on your bucket list already, it’s a very good add. A great place to visit, but I wouldn’t live there — especially winters where it’s dark all the time.

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