Let there be light

Some of the great, timeless pleasures of this holiday season are the lights that herald it — twinkle lights, Edison bulbs, candles, incandescent strings.

They hang from trees and houses like merry messengers of joy. I love them all.

Though we’ve had our moments, and I wrestle with my own most years, I still think Christmas lights send out the kind of bright, optimistic magic that appeals to every age.

Especially this year, the Christmas light displays feel like a fah who foraze confirmation that the Christmas spirit is alive and well despite the challenges we’ve all faced.

I’ve seen some gorgeous displays this season as I’ve walked and driven through town — a giant Christmas dragon, Elf, a magic tree, a flying car, Santa on a plane, a Nutcracker that plays the March as people walk past.

I also love quieter beauty found in clear lights and garland, and wooden nativity scenes. A simple Christmas tree in a window looks so beautiful from the other side.

Maybe you’re feeling extra stressed or sad this season, or you’re missing family and the traditions you share.

I encourage you to bundle up and take a stroll, or a drive through town and treat yourself to all the light displays. I’ll bet you find a little childhood joy tucked away under all that grown-up grump. I know I did.

We humans are natural celebrators of seasons and seekers of joy.

How nice that even in the bleak midwinter, so many of our friends and neighbors give their hearts, and light them up for all the world to see.

How great is this? They turned their whole front porch into a Christmas card just for us.
Just around the corner from my house, I found this festive display. Imagine the work that went into this!
This is our friends Gary and Kathie’s house and I always think it looks gorgeous. This year, they added something…
A really cool, wooden nativity.
This nutcracker actually plays the March as you walk past. Very cool.
I enjoyed the modern, colorful windows.
I love the quieter displays as well.
Sometimes, you just have to step outside your house and look around to find a little Christmas joy. (This display included music as you walked past too. Very cool!)
Gorgeous, am I right?
I had to use the panoramic to capture this whole display. It really was stunning.
Santa’s on the roof!
My old second favorite tree is still the one in City Park.
Our friends Mark and Amanda’s house.
Well, hello there, Santa!

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