A Veteran’s Day Tribute fit for a King

In honor of Veteran’s Day, let’s give the residents of the Wisconsin Veteran’s Retirement Home at King a fitting tribute by sending as many cards and letters as we can muster.

Covid-19 has found its way to the massive campus. According to Commandent Tammy Servatias’ Nov. 5 update, 73 people (35 residents and 38 employees) were battling active cases of the virus. Between that update and the Nov. 9 update, six residents have died of the virus.

As they work to treat infected residents and keep everyone else safe, the facility has canceled its annual Veteran’s Day tribute. Since the onset of the virus here in Wisconsin, all three of the state’s veteran’s homes have had to restrict activities, severely limit visitors and hold off on volunteer activities.

“This is has been really hard on our veterans with quarantines and overall insecurity the virus brings,” wrote Nicholas Peskie, a donations specialist for the Wisconsin Veteran’s Affairs when I contacted him regarding a possible letter and card writing campaign. “We are also taking a bunch of these cards directly to our covid units where our members have positive cases. They need the uplift more than anyone. I also want them to know we are all fighting right there with them.”

If you’re reading this right now, you can make a veteran’s day. Just find a nice card and write a note on it, a loose leaf piece of paper will do just as well. Ask a child to draw a picture and send it along. Maybe send a photo that represents your gratitude.

“I have been saying to all my co-workers that all these veterans saw way worse that this and it’s our turn to step up and repay the favor,” Peskie wrote.

The cards can be sent to:

Wisconsin Veterans Home at King

c/o Donations Office or Nicholas Peskie

N2665 Cty Rd QQ

King, WI   54946

I’m keeping this post nice and short so we’ll all have time to jot down a greeting or two and get it in the mail. Thank you for considering this project.

And, if you are a military veteran, thank you for your service and May God Bless you all.

Along with our gratitude I think it’s important to let our veterans, especially those in long term and rehabilitative care facilities, that we will never forget the sacrifices they made.
No parades this year, but here are a few pictures of veterans in past parades.
I took these at the Suring Labor Day Parade in 2015.
My sister in-law Robin snapped this shot of the Veteran’s Salute at Lambeau Field in 2012.

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