Friday Faves — Green Gecko, Sunnyside Up Yoga and Asian Thai

Green Gecko Grocery and Deli

With its focus on healthy food in a grab-and-go setting, the Green Gecko Grocery and Deli is an excellent choice for area diners who want to enjoy a delicious meal but worry about exposure amid spiking corona virus numbers.

The business itself has been around Appleton for a decade, but the Green Gecko only moved to its latest location on College Avenue a few months ago. I popped in earlier this week to pick up a few items. The store offers curbside delivery through its delivery window, but I wanted to look around and, since there were no other customers at the time I visited, I felt comfortable going in.

I’m glad I did. The store has an old-world, European feel and offers a variety of meats, cheeses, olives, wines, fresh bakery and pre-made meals. I bought curry chicken salad, which I took home and ate for lunch on a bed of spinach. Delicious. I also brought my mom a piece of broccoli cheese quiche and a piece of banana cake, which she loved. I brought my husband a piece of pear fig tart, which disappeared quickly, and I sent my daughter Molly a lemon ginger cookie.

I intend to go back for some homemade soup and spinach and mushroom lasagna. I’m also interested in ordering a charcuterie tray some day when I can hang out with my friends again…or maybe this weekend if I’m feeling especially hungry.

I love the concept, which allows people to enjoy chef-made entrees, sandwiches, soups and bakery in whatever setting they choose. I can’t believe I’d never been to the Green Gecko and I’m very grateful for the recommendations I received to give it a whirl.

Sunnyside Up Yoga

For a few glorious weeks this summer, I was able to enjoy outdoor yoga and I loved every minute. I miss group yoga, especially the hot yoga classes I used to attend at Empower Yoga.

Sadly, Empower Yoga closed, but one of its excellent instructors, Lisa Kramer, took that opportunity to open her own version of a studio and developed Sunnyside Up Yoga . Two evenings a week, we met in a field across the street from a cemetery and enjoyed class. I really looked forward to the opportunity to breathe in community, but at a safe social distance, and to practice yoga under a beautiful old tree.

On inclement days, Lisa offered an online class, which is an excellent option, but I’m hoping we get a miracle stretch of warm weather so we can get back outside a time or two before the snow falls.

Until then, I’ll be signing on to the virtual classes on Monday and Wednesday at 5:30 p.m. There is also a 9 a.m. Thursday class and Lisa offers private yoga lessons as well.

With COVID sticking around and winter coming, it’s really nice to be able to treat yourself to an hour of guided peace, introspection and muscle development twice a week from the comfort of your own family room.

Asian Thai

I’ve had a long love affair with Asian Thai because I have never had a bad meal there and they always seem to be open when I’m craving warm comfort food.

I feel like Asian Thai is one of the Northside of Appleton’s best kept secrets. Their entrees are always packed with fresh, crisp vegetables in generous, reasonably priced portions.

They have installed a plexiglass shield in front of their register and have separated their tables for safe, in person dining. They also deliver.

I like how flexible their online ordering system is as well. For instance, if you happen to live with someone who despises green peppers and really only likes one vegetable, you could order the shrimp and mixed vegetables and note “just broccoli please” and the meal will come exactly as you ordered.

Green Gecko has been around Appleton for a decade, first in the City Center and then at Richmond Terrace. It seems to have found its stride on College Avenue, where you can buy grab and go breakfasts, lunches and dinners along with grocery items, wine, cheese and charcuterie.
The store has an old world feel and I enjoyed looking around. You can also pickup from a front window if you’re more comfortable with less interaction.
I really, really enjoyed my early evenings doing outdoor yoga with Sunnyside Up Yoga.
This was the view from my mat a few week ago.
We have had to move inside now, but I still enjoy the hour I get to spend in Lisa’s excellent class.
This is a little too-close picture of my Asian Thai chicken and vegetables, my standard order. Look at all those fresh, perfectly prepared vegetables!

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