The relentless beauty of life

The only thing more relentless than our human mortality is the beauty of the earth we all eventually leave behind.

Sometimes, the way the sun lights an oak tree, or a red maple leaf slowly dances to the ground, or an autumn reflection grows vibrantly across a smooth lake can seem like an affront to the necessary pain we all endure. Conversely, the pain reminds us to recognize and revere each vision of beauty and every moment of joy.

The sun rises and sets in glorious affirmation of life.

We struggle every now and then, celebrate small triumphs with big joy, nurse our wounds, learn our lessons, speak, listen, laugh, mourn, jump up eager to start some days, roll over and bury our head under the pillows to postpone others, reel back with the whiplash of sudden loss, console ourselves with the warm blanket of memories, make our wishes, tell our stories, dream.

And, through it all, the sun guides us because the darkness can be hard but the light is sublime.

I took these pictures as the sun set on World Mental Health Day. Wisconsin is especially vibrant this time of year, but its nights grow long, which can challenge mental health even in the best circumstances, especially this year. NAMI Fox Vally offers excellent support. I am also hoping, with more research and funding, we’ll find a better means of diagnosing and treating mental illness soon.

Take care out there and enjoy the glorious colors this old earth offers.

5 thoughts on “The relentless beauty of life

  1. This is profound and beautiful. My sunk spirits were lifted by your words, these spectacular images. All best, Clay Lewis

    1. I’m really glad this post turned out to be a spirit-raiser. Thanks for the comment Clay. I also enjoy hearing from you.

    1. I love the colors and I don’t mind a little chill in the air but I love summer weather. I guess there’s a little something to look forward to in every season.

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