The exponential power of kindness

An unexpected gift arrived for me yesterday and it demonstrated the remarkable and exponential power of kindness.

My friend Tanya sent me a note, which made my day, on a pretty card that honored and financially supported the MD Anderson Children’s Cancer Hospital. The package she sent also included some very cool pairs of Bombas Socks, a company that donates an item of clothing to someone in need for every piece of apparel the company sells.

So, in one fell swoop, Tanya’s kind gesture positively affected me, my feet, a children’s cancer hospital and several people in need. How ’bout that for a couple of 44 cent stamps? See? She supported the U.S.Postal Service too! And she did it all just because.

Tanya turned me on to the magic of Bombas Socks several months ago during a fitness challenge at work. She sent me four pairs as a reward, and I spent the next four months fending off my housemates, who loved those socks as much as I did and tended to help themselves.

“Not the Bombas!” I’d say when I spotted them on a pair of feet that wasn’t attached to my own ankles. It became a quirky game of how quickly I could move the socks from the laundry basket into my sock drawer and away from sneaky paws. We all started to believe those socks had special powers beyond cushioning our poor, beleaguered feet.

My first Bombas were plain black and plain white athletic socks marked mostly by the words “Bee Better” stitched inside the cuff. This latest batch is a lot more girlie, flowery and fun. I’m still going to have to guard them from my housemates, but I’m thinking these versions will be a lot more conspicuous on their big ole feet.

And as for my friend Tanya? Well, I know she’s a big fan of Bombas but she doesn’t need “Bee Better” stitched into the lining of her socks. She lives those words every day of her life and I’ve known her for nearly half a century. I first met her when my family and I moved to the neighborhood and she, then a three-year old Welcome Wagon committee of one , knocked on our door and introduced herself.

These days, Tanya is an accomplished singer/songwriter (check out Dirty Mercy here and all of her music here). She is also a licensed financial advisor, teacher and mentor I’m proud to call my friend.

Inspired by her kind gesture, I’m going to “Bee Better” and I intend to start today by sending a thank you note to someone who sets the standard for exponential kindness.

This is me, Tanya and her mother, my boss Christina Winch, at a conference in San Diego a few years ago. I’ve known and admired them both for nearly half a century.
These are the socks and the kind note Tanya sent me yesterday.
The pretty card caught my eye and then I noticed it was artwork by Sofiya, a five-year old cancer patient at MD Anderson Children’s Cancer Hospital.
The cards support patient programs for children with cancer.

These socks say “Bee Better” on the inside cuff as well and I think they’re beautiful.

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