A silver lining May booking

One silver lining to this challenging period of quarantine is the innovation it inspires and the global participation that allows.

For instance, tonight we can all tune in to a comedy show hosted by my favorite comedy duo Pure & Weary. Joining them from various quarantined locations around the country will be musical comedian Katie Nixon, from Chicago, dancer Sarah O’Dwyer, from LA and standup comedian Alex Kumin, who is from Chicago but is currently Safer-at-Homing in Indiana.

Pure & Weary, my daughter Katherine and her comedy partner Leah, have been hosting these variety shows regularly in LA. They love doing them because it allows them to showcase other female performers and, through them, they have built a large and supportive community.

They’re also a lot of fun.

Due to a daunting 2,081 mile commute, I have been unable to attend many of these variety shows and I can not understate how much I hate missing out.

So, I am very excited that I can Zoom Zoom Zoom-A-Zoom my way to this show. You can too!

Just dress up in your favorite 90’s attire (certainly not required but definitely a fun way to feel like you’re a part of the show), click on the Zoom link below at 9 p.m.central time, and enjoy.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 765 9206 0220

This show will be 40 minutes long and the subject matter will be fun but possibly not suitable for children.

It’s been a good while since I had any Friday night plans and I can’t wait.

A live comedy show hosted in LA, with performances from Chicago and Indiana, and me in my customary front and center seat but now a comfy chair in Appleton, Wisconsin?

Woo hoo! That’s one silver lining I’m very glad they booked.

I saw Katie Nixon perform at several Sketchfests in Chicago and I’m looking forward to seeing her musical comedy again.
I don’t know what to tell you about Sarah, except she has some sort of superhuman energy reserve. I saw her dance at a late-evening performance in LA and then lead a vigorous workout the next morning.
I have not seen Alex perform yet, but I am looking forward to some good belly laughs.
Katherine, Leah and some of their tribe.

5 thoughts on “A silver lining May booking

  1. Something to look forward (to). Did not want to end with a preposition.

  2. Great Show! Gosh the ’90s are a blur to me. Didn’t know any of the trivia answers. So impressed with those who did. Thanks for sharing with us.

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