The kids are kickin’ some keister in their quarantine kitchens

From their teeny, tiny kitchens across the country, my adult kids are kickin’ some keister in their kitchens.

It has been amusing, amazing, heart mending and mouth watering to see.

They are whipping up fluffy biscuits, deep friend chicken with homemade aioli, thin and crispy scallion pancakes, hand-patted tortillas, homemade mole, pulled chicken, pineapple cookies, gin-cured salmon and all sorts of other gourmet treats with whatever ingredients they can snag on their limited grocery runs.

Luckily for us (so lucky…have I mentioned how lucky we are?), one of them, the celebrated pie baker of Outagamie County, is currently stranded with us and turning out gourmet meals on the daily.

Last week, Molly happily butchered a wild turkey and, from that meat, produced three delicious meals — Coq au vin (really, Dinde au vin, but I don’t speak french anyway); homemade turkey sausage with biscuits and gravy (I can’t describe how leery I was to taste homemade turkey sausage and I also can’t describe how genuinely delicious it turned out to be); and turkey tenders.

She has made homemade phyllo dough, homemade doughnuts, and calzones. Weekly, she whips up a nice pizza crust for us and allows us to top them however we’d like. (Full disclosure, she doesn’t let us anywhere near her pizzas. We suggest the toppings, she considers our requests, and then she puts the masterpieces together.)

Our son Vinnie and his wife Danni smoked a chicken on a grill, and recently made homemade pasta over an open fire, our daughter Katherine has turned her LA one-room efficiency into a five-star fusion restaurant and our son Charlie and his fiancee Tara have been enjoying the quarantine challenge of teaching themselves new cooking techniques and stretching ingredients in their little kitchenette in Queens.

We can’t gather with them around one table right now, which is a big bummer because we are enthusiastic table gatherers. But, with a little effort and some ingenuity, we can feel like we’re sharing something special.

Food nourishes, comforts and inspires us on every level and it makes me smile to see the Julia-Child-Like joy on my offsprings’ faces when they whip up something especially good.

I know some of you and yours are also enjoying time in the kitchen because I see your mouth watering posts. Here’s to a time we can all enjoy excellent food together. And, here’s to the efforts we’re all making right now to make the best of a challenging situation.

Stay safe everyone and…

Bon Appetit!

Charlie and Tara celebrated both quirkiness and cuisine when they dressed as Bon Appetit chefs Claire Saffitz and Brad Leone for a Zoom Halfway to Halloween Party this weekend.
Here is the real pair.
And, now on to the good tasty food: Charlie made fried chicken…
which he served on a bun with spinach (something healthy, anyway) and homemade aioli.
He also made biscuits
Which he turned into a P.E.P. sandwich — pepperoni, egg and provolone.
Katherine whipped up these pineapple cookies.
Fried egg (I mean, I don’t eat those but other people seem to love them), potato hash with homemade salsa and shredded pork.
Homemade tortillas with mole, pulled chicken and sauteed veggies.
Scallion pancakes.
Red wine infused linguini from Vinnie and Danni’s Minneapolis apartment.
Gin-cured seared salmon salad, also from Vinnie and Danni.
Roasted kale and portabella breakfast sandwich with a sun-dried tomato caponata. (I don’t even know what a caponata is.)
I knew I was in big trouble early on in this quarantine when Molly got up one morning and made us all these jelly doughnuts.
This is Molly’s homemade phyllo dough, wrapped around a tasty bunch of spinach. It was perfect.
There’s been a lot of creativity in the kitchen as well. This chocolate calzone with blue dough, which sprang from the imagination of our house 11-year old, was a really good dessert.
Her dad shot this bird, but Molly took care of everything else and that one turkey provided our family with three different meals. We’re reaching outside the henhouse in our #QuarantineCooking.

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  1. Do these talents come from you, Laura? All of the kids seem to be creative chefs. I enjoyed the narrative and the beautiful photos.
    Why don’t you eat fried eggs?

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