Hunkered down with little Miss Muffet

I am currently trapped in a house with a young woman who added “muslin” to our list of essential grocery items. (I am also here with a young man who’s must-have grocery list included barbecue potato chips, and I shop for a woman who sent me an emergency message for root beer).

So, we all have our necessary comforts.

But muslin? Life with Molly McGuyver back in the house has been nothing short of fascinating…and delicious.

On Wednesday she baked bread and made her first ever batch of cheese. I am half expecting her to stomp some grocery store grapes into a delicious cabernet before this whole thing is over.

She wanted the muslin to strain whey from the curds. The curds became a tasty spreadable cheese and the whey gave some extra heft to a fresh loaf of bread. Molly has always been a stern waste-not-want-not kind of gal.

Monday night someone requested grilled burgers, so Molly whipped us up some pretzel buns and turned some slightly mushy potatoes into gourmet french fries. Yesterday, she finished up a batch of bagels (a 24-hour process).

Molly’s kitchen projects, and the lessons that accompany them, have been a welcome respite for us all.

We are worried in this house, for people battling this tenacious virus, for members of our family who are hunkered down in hotspot areas, for all the selfless members of our medical community, and for the precious families who walk past our house every day.

We are anxious for some good news in the COVID-19 battle.

We are a little stir crazy.

We are lonely for our friends.

We are tired of tamping back our natural inclination to hug.

We are grateful for the technology that keeps us connected and allows us to do our schoolwork and jobs.

We are lucky.

We are full.

I hope you are similarly hunkered down with fascinating people and projects and I can’t wait to see you all on the other side of this thing.

We’re a little stir crazy and have been carbo-loading for weeks, but we’re also very grateful for the time we have together. She wasn’t thrilled with her first batch of bagels, but the rest of us gobbled them up.
Molly’s spur-of-the-moment pretzel rolls were so delicious.
Her french fries weren’t too shabby either.
Country loaf with a fresh cheese spread. I mean, come on!

10 thoughts on “Hunkered down with little Miss Muffet

  1. I think (and I am not naming anybody) that someone is extremely happy to have Molly back in the nest.

    1. Absolutely. She is literally making this whole thing more palatable.
      Take care Mrs. Wiz!

    1. Ha Ha! There’s a lot going on here. Be careful what you wish for 🙂
      Hope everyone is safe and sound in your family Barb.

  2. Wow, the photos are as great as the food items. Thank you, thank you. Pleasures make this trying time even bearable. To all of the Appletons, warmest regards, Clay

    1. I need to start pacing myself with these things. She made jelly doughnuts last night.

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