He’s a GOAT, though, for sure

Here in Wisconsin, we’re lucky enough to have enjoyed three of the greatest quarterbacks of all time in the elegant Bart Starr (two Super Bowls and three world championships), the passionate Brett Favre (one Super Bowl title and one should-have-been-a-Super-Bowl-title) and the cerebral Aaron Rodgers (one Super Bowl win so far).

Based on our charmed life as NFL fans and owners, I’d like to think we recognize exceptional athletes and appreciate their gifted efforts on the field, even if they aren’t wearing green and gold.

Take Tom Brady, for example. I’m not sure how anyone, let alone any who calls him or herself a football fan, could argue that the man is one of the greatest quarterbacks ever to play the game.

He has led his team to six Super Bowl titles, three more Super Bowl appearances and 11 straight post-season appearances.

I would have loved to have seen New England’s No. 12 battle our No. 12 this season (enroute to our No. 12’s second Super Bowl title).

We pay a lot of money for our tickets, why wouldn’t we want to see the best?

So I tip my hat to Tom Brady, a 42-year old phenom, and I hope to see him back on the field, maybe even Lambeau Field, next year.

Congratulations to him and the Patriots on a spectacular run.

And now, Go Pack Go!

This is my son Charlie and his fiancee Tara sporting their team colors and sad expressions during their first Super Bowl together. They were bummed because in 2015 neither of their teams were playing.
And this is Tara and her gang at their favorite Patriot bar during happier times. They have had plenty of occasions to toast their team and, I’m sure, they will have plenty more.
Coach Lombardi knows a little something about being the Greatest Of All Time and I know he’d be impressed by Tom Brady too.

One thought on “He’s a GOAT, though, for sure

  1. Thank you for your positive thoughts on Tom Brady. A couple of years ago while researching Brady’s youth, I ran across an interview of one of his coaches. Apparently even as a youth, he excelled so much that his teammates were so jealous of him, that they locked him in a locker so he would be late for a meeting!!
    As you know I am a Patriots fan, and it has been very challenging to be one. The media has not done any favors for the image of the organization and has sent Patriots haters into a frenzy year after year. While the organization is not lily white, neither are any of the rest in not only the NFL but other sports venues as well. It only take one member of the organization to make a stupid decision and it becomes a reflection of the entire entity.

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