Buttering up Grandma Peggy

More than almost anything else, my mother loathes butter.

Her standard breakfast order — dry toast, crisp bacon, eggs scrambled hard — is a mandate not a request. Should butter appear on her plate, she will lose her appetite for the entire meal and the offending restaurant will face her non-negotiable butter boycott.

So, when her grandson Charlie, a producer on the Dr. Oz Show, saw the segment topics for the show she, my sister in-law Donna and I planned to see when we visited New York last week, Charlie and I had a good chuckle over one of the topics.


Of course, we didn’t tell Grandma until she arrived.

But it turns out that Grandma Peggy loves Dr. Oz, and especially his tallest producer, more than she loathes butter, so we all had a great time.

She got a big kick out of the whole thing and we learned some valuable tips about cruise ship safety, how to change our lives in five seconds, and, of course, butter.

At first I was offended for my Wisconsin Dairy farmers when the panel declared European butter the best tasting, but then I discovered that Wisconsin produces European butter, which is a style rather than a geographic specification. (So please check your European butter labels and buy Wisconsin products to support my hardworking friends! Just don’t serve it to my mom.)

Thank you to Dr. Oz, a gracious, kind and intelligent man, and to the entire Dr. Oz Show staff, especially our gracious, kind and intelligent Charlie, for an experience we’ll all treasure.

If you’re ever in the New York area and want to see a great show live, contact the Dr. Oz Show.

Tell them Grandma Peggy sent you.

Grandma Peggy was a trooper and even posed for pictures in front of some of the butter samples, though, to be very clear, not a single morsel touched her lips.
My mom’s new friend took this shot of us in the audience. The woman sat next to my mom and told her this fascinating story about how, when she retired her daughter asked her, “So what are you going to do all day now, watch TV? Why don’t you go see a show live? Manhattan is only a train ride away.” So, the lady requested tickets to the Dr. Oz Show and now she’s a regular audience member. She gets up early a couple of times a week, takes the train in and watches the show live. We thought that was pretty cool.
If you look closely, you’ll see Charlie’s Grandma Peggy wearing a blue sweater and pearls just over Dr. Oz’s left shoulder. She is not contemplating the “is there really a better butter” question, she is actively avoiding eye contact with the mound of butter on that table.
This is my son Charlie, his Grandma Peggy, his Aunt Donna, me and the very gracious Dr. Oz.