The cold never bothered them anyway

For days leading up to the big one, weather forecasters had been predicting a miserable Halloween.

They were right about the snow and the wind, but Halloween 2019 turned out to be anything but miserable in our little corner of the tundra.

In fact, I think the costumes and the little people who wore them were cuter than ever this year.

We had Dorothys, Annas, Elsas and Little Red Riding Hood; Samurai Warriors, Supermen and a bumper crop of cuddly dinosaurs; a whoopie cushion, box of M&Ms and a banana.

Most of all, we had fun.

I’m going to stop writing now because I took way too many pictures and I think if you scroll through them they will make your day.

Hats off (but not really because it actually was cold) to the clever parents and cute children who braved a windy evening to celebrate the sweetest holiday of the year.

3 thoughts on “The cold never bothered them anyway

  1. Our cold front hit just after the Trick or Treaters, Our temps were in high 70s and one kid offered to give me three of his candies for a bottle of water!! Kids were precious in their Halloween gear. And as you know, I dress up to great them too! 🙂

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