I missed #nationalsonsday too

Hello. Mother of the Year here. I missed National Sons Day (and then ignored it) just two days after writing a glowing (though belated) post for National Daughters Day.

The same week, social media land? Could you give a busy lady a break?

Fortunately, I have, through my own mishaps and tardiness, raised two very understanding young men. Also, I took a great picture of them this weekend and I wanted to share.

So, for me, today is National Sons Day. Join me, if you will. Through my own sons I have met a whole slew of exceptional young men, raised by exceptional people, and doing exceptional things. I love to hear and read all about them.

Back then, they were porch jumpers, frisbee golfers, Pokemon collectors, Goosebump readers, fort builders, Pop Warner teammates, Boychoir singers, diving board jumpers, garage band members, skate boarders, sled riders, basketball players, kitchen mess makers and I enjoyed them immensely.

Today, they are a nationally recognized photographer, a caregiver at a home for developmentally disabled, a television producer, a ski instructor, an event coordinator, an attorney, teachers, instructors, coaches, husbands, fathers, pet owners and all around really good guys.

Our oldest son Charlie lives in New York where, yesterday, I heard the clip cop of horse hooves from the carriages near Central Park as I spoke to him on the phone. Charlie gets up early (some days at 4 a.m.), has a sometimes challenging commute from Queens into Manhattan and works hard when he gets there. Still, he is always the first to text us “I’m in!” for nearly any family occasion. He had no time at all to come to his sister Molly’s college graduation last May, but he showed up in Madison anyway. Kind and witty, he is our hashtag king.

His brother, Mini Vinnie, has been making us smile since he was born. Currently on a glamorous honeymoon at our family cabin, Vinnie has an adventurous soul, a solid work ethic and profound love for his family. A problem solver by nature, he works as the event coordinator at a country club and is working towards his sommelier certification. Unflappable and smart, he is an excellent travel companion and a trusted friend. Also, he makes every occasion more fun.

So, here’s to my sons! And your sons! And hashtag holidays that encourage us to celebrate them (but hopefully don’t shame us for raising our glasses a few days late).

And, here’s the picture I wanted to share.
And you know I love this one too. My heart!

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