Author! Author! Aunt! Aunt!

An extraordinary dual literary achievement in the Biskupic/Kostelnik family sent us all scurrying, coast-to-coast, to the bookstore yesterday.

Two of my children’s aunts had books drop the same day, so we proudly marched ourselves to Barnes and Nobles and local bookstores to celebrate.

Joan Biskupic, CNN Supreme Court analyst, author, journalist, lawyer, wife, mother, sister, aunt and super-cool sister in-law, wrote The Chief: The Life and Turbulent Times of John Roberts, now available for purchase.

Jenna Kostelnik Utley (AKA my sister Jenny) editor, producer, writer, wife, daughter, aunt, mother worked long and hard as a contributing editor to Oprah’s new book, The Path Made Clear: Discovering Your Life’s Direction and Purpose, also now available in bookstores and online.

This isn’t the first time we’ve celebrated either impressive woman, but it is the first time we’ve toasted them together.

Both women own remarkable resumes — Jenny is the Emmy-winning executive producer of Super Soul Sunday and a former producer on the Oprah Winfrey Show. Joan, who earned a master’s degree from the University of Oklahoma and a law degree from Georgetown, has written three other biographies of Supreme Court Justices and has received honorary doctors of law from both Georgetown and Marquette University.

Each will tell you that, beyond all of those impressive achievements, her proudest legacy is her daughter. In Joan’s case, Elizabeth is a talented singer/actress who is finishing up an MFA at Brown University, and in Jenny’s case, Erin is a bright, 12-year old who loves rock climbing and ballroom dancing.

I’ve already dug into both books, and I recommend them highly. One offers inspiration and the other insight.

Here’s to good literature and the talented people who produce it.

For more insight into Joan and The Chief, please enjoy this interview.

Meanwhile, here’s a look at our five state celebration of two women we’re proud to call our own.

My sister Kathy and my mom bought their books at the Barnes and Noble in Florida. As a library media specialist, Kathy made sure Menomonee Falls High School was one of the first in the country to stock both books.
Vinnie and Danni hit the Barnes and Noble in Minneapolis.
I bought mine at the Barnes and Noble in Appleton.
Katherine found hers at a Barnes and Noble in L.A.
Meanwhile, across the country, Charlie bought his at…wait a minute. That’s Bill Murray’s book!
There’s a joker in every family. Here’s our New York representative, shot by his fiance Tara.
Molly checked in from “A Room of One’s Own,” a small book store in Madison. They hadn’t stocked The Chief yet so she had them order her a copy.

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  1. Now come meet some more authors and/or attend one or more writing workshops at Green Bay’s newest book festival, “Untitledtown” April 26 – 28. Check out the schedule for authors and presentations on their web site:

  2. I noticed that all photos were taken in the book stores. Did they actual buy the books, or like me, are they waiting for them to come out on Audiobooks? Send a picture of the receipt. Ha And why isn’t Michael sending in any pictures? (Sorry, these are my random thoughts that I felt compelled to share.)

    Now, Laura needs to put these blogs in a hard cover book and join them.

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