An international holiday worth noting

Tomorrow we celebrate a holiday I have been anticipating for some time.

I’ve sent my family email reminders, texts and chapstick, I’ve faithfully moisturized to provide a soft landing, and I’ve blocked off the whole day to celebrate.

That’s right, faithful readers, tomorrow is International Kiss a Ginger Day.

In fact, it’s the tenth anniversary of this festive peck-fest and, as I’ve written about before, Gingers need a little love.

Honestly, I think we all do. It’s a rough world out there and we could all do with a little friendliness and a smooch or two.

So, pucker up, my friends. Consider it a warm up for Valentine’s Day, only better because you don’t have to buy any rose, jewelry or chocolate. (Unless you want to. I mean, I’ll never turn down a Wilmar’s cherry pie candy bar.)

But, tomorrow is all about love.

So, here’s what you do: You find a redhead (which is not too hard. We’re everywhere.)

You wish him or her a Happy Kiss a Ginger Day. Then, you prepare to duck because not all Gingers are up on our holidays and some of us have tempers and quick fists. Then, you explain that you come in peace and joy with respect for personal boundaries and human beings with excessively high levels of phomelanin.

And, then, with permission, you land one.

Happy Ginger Day to all my redheaded friends and Happy Kiss a Ginger Day to everyone else. Proceed with caution and love.

Happy Kiss a Ginger Day to all of you, my sister Jenny and my brother Mike too.

We held a little pre-Kiss a Ginger celebration last night.

How funny is this picture of me and Rollie Fingers and how extremely red does my hair look? It’s a little random, but it seems appropriate to share it on Kiss A Ginger Day Eve.

5 thoughts on “An international holiday worth noting

  1. Pelirojos a celebrar. Your baby picture is great. You have kept that same beauty. I would have identified you right away.

      1. How embarrassing! I see what you mean! That’s not Keith Hernandez. It’s Rollie Fingers. Yikes!

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