I remember exactly where I was on October 10, 1982 and, if you were a Milwaukee Brewer fan back then, I bet you do too.

I was watching the final game of the American League Championship Series with my friends on the communal TV in Marquette University’s O’Donnell Hall. We jumped to our feet multiple times during that game, especially  when Cecil Cooper belted what turned out to be the game-winning, two-run single in the bottom of the seventh inning.


After the game, which sent the Brewers to their first ever World Series, we all spontaneously sprinted out of the lobby, down 18th Street and onto Wisconsin Avenue, where thousands of excited fans joined us. Someone picked our petite friend Sue up and the crowd body passed her down the street. We taller drinks of water met her a few blocks away, unscathed and grinning.

We continued down that wide avenue, high-fiving strangers and whooping greetings in the wordless, global language of sports fans everywhere.


That pennant race set the tone for my college years and gave me, a shy freshman, an easy conversation starter and a huge group of fellow Harvey’s Wallbanger fans with whom I felt like I belonged.

That’s what a pennant race can do for a community.

It’s been a long time since we’ve had one of those in Wisconsin. County Stadium doesn’t exist anymore. I’ve heard rumors that O’Donnell Hall will be closing as well.

But, I bet any money there are a couple of shy kids in some college residence hall ready to storm Wisconsin Avenue when the Brewers win this series.

And, as for this one? I’ll be heading down to Miller Park on Saturday with a kid I met on the Marquette campus all those years ago.


1982 Brewers team picture
My whole side of our freshman year dorm room was decorated with Brewer newspaper clips and posters. My friend Trish thought Paul Molitor was cute, but I was more of a Robin Yount fan. I remember how cool it was to see him ride his motorcycle around the bases at County Stadium and how much fun it was to take the bus out to there to watch the games.
Wisconsin Avenue 1982
Can you spot me and my friends in this photo from Wisconsin Avenue on Oct. 10, 1982? I’m the one with the big grin on my face. What I love about that celebration, and any sports celebration, really, is the diversity among the fans. We were just a bunch of college kids, but there were all sorts of people crammed onto that road that night. It feels good to find some common ground and a reason to high five a bunch of people you’ve never met. Go Brewers! (Journal Sentinel File Photo)
I couldn’t find any pictures from 1982, but this picture of some of my friends and me in the bleacher seats at County Stadium cheering for the Brewers is from 1986. I”ll tell you a couple of other things pennant races are good for — enjoying friends and making memories. I’ll be wearing my old school mitt logo Brewer shirt when that guy on my right and I head back to Milwaukee on Saturday afternoon for the big game. #OurCrewOurOctober
image (1)
We sat in the bleachers (and took the bus to stadium) when we went to the Brewer games back then, which is good, because we never could have afforded the steep grand stand tickets prices for the AL Championship series. $12! (That might not even buy you a kielbasa at Miller Park today).

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  1. I’ll bet you paid just a little bit more for your ticket this year. I know I did. See you Saturday!

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