Unlikely flowers

Last week, the unlikeliest little pepper appeared in our random indoor garden and I’ve been beside myself with joy.

Oh, we’d wooed it as best we could — watered it when we remembered, raised the curtains to let in sunshine (when there was sunshine to be had), added a little Miracle Grow potting soil.

Still, I had little hope our pepper plants would bear fruit.

“How could they?” Molly pointed out. “When you don’t have any bees to pollinate them.”

Pepper plants have special meaning in our family, thanks to generous grandparents who named a club after them. But, I had never grown one, especially not inside.

A little friend of mine had chosen these particular seeds and we were tracking their growth together. I really wanted us to succeed.

So, I consulted with my loyal pal Google and we came up with a plan. When white flowers finally appeared on the pepper plants, I showed my friend how to pollinate them with a Q-tip.

I watched him gently handle those tiny flowers and I felt proud for both of us that we’d come that far.

Then, on Saturday, as I idly chatted on the phone with my son Charlie, I spied a little jalapeño and I jumped up from my seat.

“Holy cow! I see a pepper!” I shouted.

It was a miracle. All life is. But, I have a particular fondness for the unlikely flowers.

Here’s to sidewalk sunflowers and cement crack Scilla! Hooray for miner’s garlic (when should I harvest those bulbs?)! Woo hoo for wild trillium!

And here’s to our sweet little pepper plant. Thanks for hanging around.

Do you see that sweet little miracle hanging there? It’s the first pepper we ever grew from seeds. I’m probably not going to be able to pick it.
I posted this picture on my Instagram account and was horticulturally shamed for my word choice. Apparently, that flower is a Scilla, not a violet. I just like the way it planted itself there in that cement and made itself at home. It looks delicate but it’s strong and very generous with its beauty.
I also love these sunflowers that are making that ordinary sidewalk look kind of whimsical. P.S. Look closely and you’ll spot Vince, another unlikely flower 🙂




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  1. My hubby will be envious. His tomato plant only produced 3 tomatoes the size of a thumbnail. Very interesting on the pollinating part. I have a horrible green thumb and not allowed near Rick’s plants. 😉

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