Beautiful places: The Green Bay Botanical Gardens

The music brought us to the Green Bay Botanical Gardens last Sunday. The beauty took our breath away.

I’ll add introducing me to that lovely, peaceful place as another reason I’m grateful to the Mile of Music team, producers of the excellent Grass Roots Festival.

We showed up right at noon for the seven-hour event, and felt lucky enough to set our chairs up on the lawn and settle in for an afternoon of Bluegrass, Roots, Americana and Folk music.

Then, in between the Raglanders and Burnt Toast and Jam, I got up and strolled around a bit. A few steps in, I realized I should have brought my camera, but I pulled out my cellphone and did the best I could.

I lost track of time as I wandered through those beautiful gardens, and I can’t wait to go back.

If you haven’t already filled your calendar for the next three days, I highly recommend a Labor Day Weekend visit.

Thanks very much to the Botanical Gardens for your hospitality and to the creative folks at Mile of Music for the invitation.

I’m looking forward to attending more MoM events, and I will definitely return to the Botanical Gardens.

As I mentioned, I snapped a photo or two…

Really, the festival would have been enough. We thoroughly enjoyed the music and the casual atmosphere.
But, then I took a little walk and found beauty everywhere. Wood Memorial Grove features this cool infinity sculpture with seven pillars and Ecclesiastes 3 (To everything there is a season…) etched in.
With the festival going on, I had the run of the place and I ended up surrounded by peaceful beauty like this.
The Butterfly Garden.
I felt kind of like the little girl depicted in this sculpture, just thrilled be in the midst of all those gorgeous flowers.
The Stumpf Hobbit House is both charming and smart. It’s a multi-level bubbler, and also has energy efficient bathrooms. Look closely and you’ll see a sweet young couple enjoying a perfect Sunday afternoon.
I should have headed back to the concert, but I kept finding doorways like this to walk through.
I just love this view and the “Serenade” sculpture in the middle.
Hops, naturally.
The Wellhouse Garden.
I can’t wait to go back.



4 thoughts on “Beautiful places: The Green Bay Botanical Gardens

  1. I went fwhile the LEGO Statues were there. I definitely plan to return next summer. It has indeed improved since I last attended not long after they started developing it. I think they might get a lot of help from the horticulture students at the technical college nearby. You should also try the Festival of Lights on weekends between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

  2. Just beautiful and so green. Things here in North Texas are struggling with drought.
    Won’t be long until that Gazebo is a winter wonderland. Would love to see pics then.

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