Beautiful things: Another magic mirror

Last week, my sister in-law Nancy gave my son Charlie and his fiancée Tara a beautiful engagement present.

As I’ve written before, Nancy celebrates moments and memories in extraordinarily thoughtful ways.

She remembered that, when Charlie was younger, he had given his grandparents a mirror for Christmas, and had written them a note that they could only read by holding it up to the mirror, which they found hilarious.

Nancy’s husband Steve took a picture of the two grandparents laughing as they held Charlie’s note up to the mirror, and preserved a sweet moment.

But, here’s the thing: Nancy kept that picture AND THAT MIRROR all these years. For Charlie and Tara, she had it reframed and commissioned Rustic Soul to embellish it with a Packer logo (for him) and a Patriots logo (for her) and a sweet football quote to tie the whole thing together.

Then she wrote them a note…that they had to hold up to the mirror to read.

As I am lucky enough to own a magic mirror myself, given to me by my grandma, who was given it by my dad, I know what Charlie and Tara will see when they look in that mirror.

They’ll see love, the kind they share and the kind that stretches across generations and geography, from a living from on Clyde Drive in Naperville, Illinois to an apartment in Astoria, Queens.

They’ll see laughter that began with a clever boy who bought his grandparents a mirror just so they could read his backwards note, and bubbled up through two people who loved to laugh more than anyone I know, and traveled on to our quip-loving memory keeper in Racine, Wisconsin, who packaged it up and delivered it to Appleton, where we all gathered around, belly-laughed and marveled at the memory.

They’ll see beauty that transcends hair days and style choices. I like to think when Tara and Charlie look in that mirror, they’ll see themselves as their family does and know they are young and strong and beautiful.

We’re making plans to drive that mirror out to Charlie and Tara, because it wouldn’t fit in the overhead bin and there’s no way I’m risking seven years of bad luck by sending it through the mail.

Besides, that mirror is precious, as are the people whose love and laughter it will always reflect.

Thanks again to Nancy for a really magical gift.

This is Steve’s excellent shot of Grandma Mary Jane and Grandpa Vince reading Charlie’s note in the mirror he gave them.
My photographer’s assistant Molly held up the note for this picture of Charlie, Tara, Nancy, Steve and the magic mirror.
Another assist from Molly, who is holding up the mirror so it reflects Charlie, Tara, Nancy and Steve. I think Grandpa Vince and Grandma Mary Jane would have loved this gift!



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  1. What a wonderful memory for your family. love the picture of Mary Jane. She and my Mom (Mary Knight) were very special women in our families lives.

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