The Boulder and the beautiful

If I’ve learned anything about raising daughters, it’s that sometimes you have to meet them halfway.

So, I did.

Because she lives 2,000 miles away in Los Angeles, and I live here in good old Wisconsin, my daughter, Katherine and I got together for a quick weekend in Colorado where we discovered the Boulder and the beautiful.

We hiked, chatted, huffed, puffed, listened to some excellent music, ate some good food and found out we were better hikers and worse map readers than we thought we were. So, it all worked out.

Mostly, we appreciated each other and the fragile beauty of moments.

She introduced me to the rock blues band Tedeschi Trucks headed by the extremely talented Susan Tedeschi and Derek Trucks, a married couple based in Jacksonville Florida.

We heard them play at Red Rocks, a geologically formed, open-air, bucket list amphitheater that has been hosting formal concerts for more than two centuries, and echoes with nature a couple thousand years old.

We thought we caught those old rocks laughing at us when we accidentally settled ourselves in the reserved seat section, munched comfortably through our picnic dinner, sat through a few opening sets, and had to pack up and vamoose quickly when the real ticket holders showed up and shooed us away.

“This is still a good view,” we assured each other as we watched the rest of the concert from our new seats behind a garbage can. And, it was, because it allowed us to dance uninhibited under the glorious stars (though the occasional clunk of actual garbage heading into the can was a teensy distracting).

Laughter and music can be as fleeting as the time we get together to enjoy them. But, love lasts forever.

Katherine and I appreciated the opportunity to celebrate all of it — the music, the laughter and the love, on our quick little weekend getaway to Boulder.

Do you see the giant storm cloud above our heads? Yeah, we didn’t either and we had a great climb up Mount Sanitas, until a thunderstorm sent us scurrying back down.
But not before I snapped this Boulder and beautiful shot of Katherine. Kid’s got some pipes!
The next morning we headed out early to climb the Flat Irons trail.
Two paths diverged on a steep mountain pass and winded we accidentally took the less traveled. We ran into a hiker and his dog heading back our way and asked him if he thought we could climb the Royal Arch Trail. “I mean, it’s too steep for my dog, but you look like you could do it,” he said less than confidently. We soldiered on only because our Midwestern momentum carried us that way.
Ahhhh! But, what a treat we saw when we arrived!
Later that day, we hit the Dashanbe Tea House just in time for the Rocky Mountain Tea Festival. I don’t know any of the people in this picture, I just admired how hard the lady in pink was working to take the perfect shot of four people she did not know….and the tea was delicious too.
This tiny street singer packed some pretty impressive pipes! Check her out on Instagram @emelisemusic. We saw her on one of our many trips up and down the energetic Pearl Street.
Stay Badass, Boulder.
The Red Rocks Amphitheater was just beautiful and the natural acoustics were amazing.
This is us all smug in our reserved seats, before we were not so gently asked to vacate.
Red Rocks from behind the stage. Just amazing.





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  1. How fun!!!!!!!! Before we were younger, we used to vacation in Colorado both summer and winter. One summer, I took Rick to a Dude Ranch for his 40th b’day. Horseback riding was a great way to take in the scenic landscape. At night we spent singing around the campfire and burning marshmallows for S’mores. Never got to Boulder area, but passed the exit on our way to Wyoming.

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