Last call for Sisti’s Tavern

The first time my husband Vince visited Sisti’s Tavern in Colver, PA he came home sweating Jim Beam.

We were seniors in college then, and I had brought him east to meet my grandparents, the formidable Jay and Micky Kostelnik. They greeted us from their front porch and fed us an enormous meal of veal cutlets, halubki, and potato salad.

Then, as a rite of passage, Pap took Vince for a ride up 20 Row and through Colver to Sisti’s Tavern. Grandma and I stayed home, sipping tea and chatting back in her kitchen.

Vince and Pap weren’t gone long, but, when they returned, both of them needed a nap and I rolled my eyes at the familiar scene.

The first time Pap brought my sister in-law Robin to Sisti’s, she ended up standing on the bar and telling jokes to the regulars. Pap and Robin shared a bond and a unique appreciation for pickled eggs.

Two years ago, when my family came back to Colver for my dad’s golden football ceremony, we all headed to Sisti’s and I got a big kick out of my mom and her sister, the elegant Aunt Doris, hoisting a glass there.

Then 91-years old, Lido was there behind the bar, just like he had been all through our childhood. He and Marge have been running Sisti’s for as long as anyone can remember.

But, there’s a last call for every bar, even Sisti’s. And, last night, Sisti’s finally closed its doors.

Here’s to Marge, Lido and Sisti’s on the first morning of a well-deserved retirement. You soothed broken hearts, celebrated all sorts of milestones, quenched a lot of miner’s thirsts, coaxed a ton of laughter, and doled out pretzels and lollipops.

Nostrovia, friends. Thanks for the memories.

P.S. You can read more about Sisti’s and Colver in this excellent post I happily stumbled upon last night.

My niece Rachel (whose graduation from Sun Prairie High School we’re celebrating Sunday!), my cousin’s daughter Kelsey (an excellent gymnast), my other cousin’s daughter Norah (an excellent ballerina), and my cousin Susan joined us at Sisti’s back in 2016.
Nick Asashon, who went to high school with my dad and sent me garlic, (twice!) which, I’m proud to say, is currently growing in my backyard!, and my mom took a moment to smile for the camera before bellying up to the bar at Sisti’s back in 2016.
My brother Mike, my sister Jenny, Marge, Lido, my sister Kathy and me behind the bar at Sisti’s.
Just a quick shout out to 20 Row and all of the wonderful memories we have of that street. This is me, my daughter Katherine, my mom, my sister Jenny and my Aunt Doris after I hauled them out of Sisti’s for a trip down memory lane in Colver. Congratulations on your well-deserved retirement, Lido and Marge and thanks for the happy memories.

9 thoughts on “Last call for Sisti’s Tavern

  1. I remember walking to Sisti’s with Dad. We took a long route while he told me stories of attack chickens and piranha butterflies. I was hot and sweaty (and a bit terrified) when we arrived at Sisti’s and had popsicles and cokes before we started the walk back to 20 Row. Great memories

  2. I was hoping that you would do a Lido story and by golly you did. Thanks so much. I know the feeling of your Pap and Jim Beam as I’ve have tossed a few down with him at the Sons of Italy.

  3. Great article. Love the memories.keep them coming. 20 Row will always be home for some of us.Lot of good memories

  4. My grandma and grandpa Dargay lived across the street from Sisti’s. They had a small store and gas pumps. The building has since been torn down. Used to love hanging out at Sisti’s with Marge and Lido’s daughter Connie —Mrs. Sisti used to make the best elbows and butter for us when we would get home from kindergarten. It is sad to see Sisti’s close but the memories will always be in my heart.

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